43 thoughts on “Rethink video games… (Hopefully not a repost)”

  1. How exactly is Journey nonlinear? You have a very strictly set progression of stages and environments to go through.

  2. Why is it that memes almost always have a typo in them…. Do people really not proof read… Like at all?

  3. My favorite games aren’t difficult games but are just fun overall. My absolute favorite are the games where you’re basically this badass one man army where you just run around and dominate everything

  4. This basically said:

    “Games don’t have to be this to be good”


    “Games can be this and be good”


  5. So good games can be a lot of things…

    This post is like saying movies don’t have to funny, sad, dark, etc… to be good. Like no shit sherlock, they’re called genres

  6. This would work if the industry was run by a central committee. It is not.

    The gaming market is responsive to consumer tastes and trends. It is, by definition, a reflection of what we want. Like Hollywood.

    Now, the majority might not be on Reddit so your post is really preaching to the converted. Like going over to a classic movie sub and saying “Not all films have to be MCU or Transformers.”

    No, they don’t. But Citizen Kane is not topping the bestseller list.

    And neither are non-linear, non-combat, non-challenging sprite-based adventures.

    People play what they play with limited time available. Very few have the time or inclination to venture beyond their initial tastes.

    That is not a video game thing, it is a human thing.

  7. Doesn’t make sense to judge film as a whole by the existence of Transformers. Or books by Twilight’s existence. Yet so many do this with video games and games like Call of Duty. People who make judgements like this just prove they are ignorant to an entire field of art and entertainment. Sad for them.

  8. That true videogame love. Made to be played, not to be whinned at constantly. Made to unite gamers, not divide fans. Made to have fun, not to competition rage. Thats why we play videogames.

  9. A note on the post apocalyptic colour stuff: If it’s supposed to be a bleak, depressing world, you usually use plainer or more monotonous colours. This does two things:

    1) Sets the mood. Unless you’re drawing comparisons between the appearance and reality of the world, you generally want the visual atmosphere of the game to fit the story.

    2) Makes it so that in those few emotional scenes where you do turn up the colour can hit way harder because of the comparison.

    It’s like using appropriate music. You wouldn’t normally play dubstep over a medieval king debating with his lords. Likewise, you wouldn’t normally paint your protagonist in hot pink in a depressing zombie apocalypse. They don’t go with a “dreary, colourless” look just because someone went “Ah, post apocalyptic means no colour”, they do it because they’re using the colour in order to suit the world and story better.

  10. >(Hopefully not a repost)

    If you didn’t make it, it’s a repost. It’s like the first unwritten rule of Reddit.

  11. You included tf2. I appreciate it. The game is not dead and its community is kinda small but very passionate and wholesome. 11 years later and stilll going strong.

  12. Grammar mistake/missing a word in the meme… its unmeme now. Or was it just a picture… i duno. I like earthbound, best snes game.

  13. Dark Souls was not fun. It was rewarding and challenging, but it’s not the type of fun you described

  14. Who the fuck thinks Seath The Scaleless was hard? He’s probably one of the easiest bosses in the whole of DS1 and the series. Cutting his tail to get the Moonlight Greatsword is more of a challenge than actually killing him.

  15. I actually think this post has a valid point. The game industry is stagnant and most companies resort to copying other games, especially if they have been popular. For example, there’s like a million fantasy MMO games with similar art and gameplay, i don’t think that can’t be denied. There are countless ideas for games but very few of the more unique ones make it into AAA production.

  16. I would add “not every game with micro-transaction have to be pay2win” and “Titanfall 2” image also “Short video games dont always mean shallow story” ” What Remains of Edith Finch “

  17. Really, i think the main lesson to take, is just don’t take videogames too seriously. That is the only way to fail before you’ve even started when making a game.

  18. Dont forget fallout and the elder scrolls with their infinite replayability due to having mods, we need more games with full mod support.

  19. So you stole a picture off of the internet and posted it here with the title “Hope it’s not a repost”?

  20. Implying that Minecraft has bad graphics? I think you mean “non-intensive.” Minecraft’s graphics are iconic. Nice-looking game.

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