It’s been a very long. With the high res texture pack and some Steam Workshop mods that improve specific things, the game looks very good.

But I want *really* good.

Is there a single super high res mod that redoes the whole game? Or is it like what I see on Workshop and it’s really specific improvements by feature (flames, lights) or location (like Riverwood).

Also, UI mod.

I want to assign spells and items to number keys. The base game doesn’t let me (or I haven’t figured it out). I’m fine hotswapping, I just don’t want to work through the clunky console-like UI.

Any recos welcome.

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5 thoughts on “Returned to Skyrim- highest quality graphics mod, and UI mode request.”

  1. When open your favourites tab, you can there assign numbers to specific spels, ohh and sky UI is a good ui mod, but you need script extender.

    PS: The spell swapping is a bit clunky, maybe that’s why you had problems.

  2. SkyUI for the UI

    Amidianborn, Noble Skyrim, Skyland, Skyrim HD all have great textures and u can choose whichever u want.

    you also are going to want an enb for lighting you can browse nexusmods for whichever one you want

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