16 thoughts on “Reunited after 10 years, I feel a retro gaming night coming on after this flight.”

  1. I cannot explain to you how blown away I was that my roommate and I could play football and pick our plays on the small screen on the controller. Every game before then you had to play by the honor system that you weren’t looking at what they other was picking. And then Dreamcast. Individual screens on controller. BLOWN. AWAY.

  2. Marvel vs Capcom 2 was on the Sega Dreamcast? I never knew that.

    With all of those fighting games, you’re my type of guy.

  3. I recommend not playing it again. I absolutely LOVED my Dreamcast when it first came out, and some of my best gaming memories are from that era. Having played it again recently though, I was thoroughly disappointed! It’s not aged well at all, and really took the shine off some great memories. Let the past die!

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