33 thoughts on “Road trips are better with gaming”

  1. Oh man… I can’t wait for self-driving cars to get really good… I’d spend vacations traveling across the country to see interesting things while pounding though some games.

  2. My favorite GBA game! The slight (and needed) nerfing of Sturm. A team of Black Hole to back him up. The difference between power and SUPER CO powers. Colin, Hatchi, etc. Nell being playable with a luck based ability. Super expanded map creation and gameplay. A campaign and AC campaign that was a little toned down in difficulty from the ridiculous AW1. Perfect game imo.

  3. You should drop a new IPS LCD screen in it when they come out. I’ve been having a blast going back to my old portable hardware and gaming. Something so easy about flipping open the SP and just jammin away without having to connect to Internet and download a new update etc.

  4. They have some nice gameboy sp raspberry pi’s out there going for around 160 to 230. It’s a bit expensive but can play the basics. I love retropie .

  5. Most underrated thing ever: 4 people could play advance wars with one GBA. For 4 poor middle schoolers that might as well have been an Xbox.

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