6 thoughts on “Rockstar Dodges Question About Red Dead Online Mod Support”

  1. This is what PC gamers deserve for not calling them out when their mod policy specified “single player mods”. No one cared. “We did it reddit!” and no one bothered to acknowledge the very clear restriction that they’d put in place going forward.

    Give these greedy publisher cunts an inch and they’ll take miles.

  2. I dont get why they can’t just embrace modding.. i mean look at how well minecraft turned out, fallout, skyrim, etc… their vanilla game is good, Modding just takes that to another level.

  3. I don’t understand

    This isn’t about RDR2 this is about Online. and people here are acting like no other online game restricts modding.

  4. Thank fucking god that Red Dead Online won’t become a hacker infested cesspool like GTA Online is, fuck the modders who play online and fuck with everyone else.

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