37 thoughts on “Rockstar games shut down the Times Square to take a picture for the box art of ‘Midnight Club: Street Racing’”

  1. Midnight club such an amazing game. I am sad they have no longer continued to make them. Imo it was much better then any of the racing games available now or even at the time. Brilliant

  2. Midnight Club 2 was by FAR my favorite racing game as a kid. The mix of open world and a variety of race types, funny dialogue, tons of customization and excellent handling was basically perfect. I really Like Forza Horizon but it’s not quite the same.

  3. fuck! I got super excited there for a minute thinking they were actually going to make a new Midnight Club! Then I realized it was the first game… :/

  4. It isn’t difficult to close off portions of Times Square, especially at night. Companies do it all the time, for all sorts of reasons.

  5. I can’t remember the guy in the yellow car’s name. He was local to us and we all used to sit in awe of his car. We had shit taste back then.

  6. Backstory to that yellow car used in the cover from the guy who owns the car and was there.

    Video isn’t solely about the shoot of the cover but I still recommend watching the entire thing as he talks about how he got that Mazda shown on the cover and his involvement with Rockstar.

  7. Midnight Club 2 was some of the most fun I ever had on Xbox Live. The street racing and stuff was cool, but Free Mode is where it was at. Jump into a random lobby and you’d end up playing Cops & Robbers or bumper cars, everyone sharing the different glitches they knew for how to superbounce or get under the map, drag racing in the aquaducts, etc. It was one of the first games to support Xbox Live and the community was great because everyone was just excited to be playing a console game online. Everyone joined the conversation back then because the Xbox Live starter kit came with a mic and there was no party chat where people could be reclusive and only talk to their friends. Every game felt like a party and you’d make new friends all the time.

    The original Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six 3, and Unreal Championship were all so much fun back then too. I miss the old Xbox Live.

  8. Man this game was great. Open world driving. And trying to unlock the police cars and construction vehicle.

  9. The more interesting fact about this, is that the real video of these cars racing through the city that played at the start of the game, was filmed on non-closed streets. they were really just racing around in the middle of the night with a guy hanging out of a van in front of them.

  10. I remember watching a “making of” video about this shoot. I remember the producers freaking out because the guys they hired to drive the cars were actually racing each other around Manhatten. Made for a memorable intro sequence. I can hear the strings in my head.

  11. I would pay anything for a Midnight Club 2 Remaster lol. But then again the experience will never be the same.

    That game was so unique at the time, being able to play in Tokyo, Paris or LA.. the Jet car .. and multiplayer on PS2 with a text chat. Everybody just running around in freemode doing impromptu drag races and point-to-points just for FUN. Finding new out of bound glitches that obviously never got patched. Making friends in a tiny community and always seeing them again .

    Take me back

  12. That game tho. I miss being mindlessly entranced in a video game for an entire weekend. The new games come with attached business models. Squeezing everything they can out of the consumer. It really kills the fun for me.

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