20 thoughts on “Rockstar reports that “millions of people” have downloaded the Rockstar Games Launcher on PC”

  1. More like updated Social Club to it. Everyone who bought GTA 5 has to use it now, so duh, the millions who bought the game now are forced to use it.

  2. If I have gta v downloaded through steam so I have to redownload the game through their launcher, or just have the launcher installed to play now?

  3. *Rockstar reports that “millions of people” play GTA5 or claimed a free copy of GTA:SA* – fixed that headline

  4. That’s how modern gaming marketing works. Best launcher and sales ever, most downloaded launcher for past 100 years etc!

  5. It’s either download it or you can’t play a game you already bought under a different DRM policy. I doubt anyone downloaded it because they were excited for a new launcher. Misleading stuff like this is why you always need to read past headlines, past advertising.

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