8 thoughts on “[Rumor] The Surge 2 releasing September 24th 2019 based on Xbox Live store listing”

  1. Never played the first one. Did you guys here enjoy it? How was it?

    I want to learn more about a game or a franchise that I haven’t tried yet, especially if I might end up covering it in the future.

  2. I’m soon to start the Souls-like games, right after I finish up all the shooters I’ve been putting off. I’m excited for The Surge.

  3. The first game pushed all my buttons just right, except for the environments. There was some variation, but it just kinda felt like you were outside a warehouse, went into the warehouse, fell out of it again, then went into the offices next door.

    Even the level layout was fantastic, the way every section kinda wrapped around itself and you kept finding little shortcuts you didn’t even see on the way past until you accidentally happen upon it from the other side.

    I really want to see what they do with this when trying to cover more ground.

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