I’m a try hard that appreciates funny things happening in games, other than that I’m focused on winning, as of recent I’m a try hard that’s burnt out of try harding. Multiplayer Games dont feel like they’re adding anything big, and dont feel like they’re moving forward. Perhaps it’s just me and the fact that it’s the end of the year?

TLDR: WHAT DO I PLAY? For games I play, I play, warframe, destiny2, smite, league of legends, Alex legends, rainbow six, overwatch, heros of the storm, maybe a bit of fortnite if something crazy is added , dauntless, monster hunter, a bit of table top simulator and I used to play roms tho it’s hard to revisit now

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10 thoughts on “Running out of things to play”

  1. I’ve gotten fallout 4 and I’m addicted even though it’s been out for a few years and 76 is out I’d recommend fallout 4

  2. Take a break from all the competitive bullshit you’ve been torturing yourself with. A lot of those games have very toxic environments that are bad for your (mental) health. Don’t be scared to try something “casual”, it won’t make you “noob” overnight losing skills just because you played something that wasn’t competitive and actually liked it.

    Here’s a real suggestion you might appreciate. Try Greedfall. It is not competitive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t “try hard” on it either.

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