Saturn emulator "Yaba Sanshiro" v2.6.7 released.

>Since the previous version (2.5) there have been many graphical improvements, and now it has the correct aspect ratio.



>Fixed: Aspect ratio issue

>Fixed: Victory Goal 96 rain scene

>Fixed: Ground is not drawn Hyper Reverthion

>Fixed: Sky target does not draw sky

>Fixed: Green line on Wizardry – Llylgamyn Saga

>Fixed: Regression; SF3 magic effect is not drawn

>Fixed: Crash Elan Doree on start up

>Fixed: Astra Superstars background

>Fixed: Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island

>Added sprite window function for Slayers Royal 2

>**Android Downloads**

>[Free version (with ads)](

>[Pro version (without ads)](

>**Windows Downloads**

>[Windows PC](

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4 thoughts on “Saturn emulator “Yaba Sanshiro” v2.6.7 released.”

  1. This may be the only way for me to play Guardian Heroes and Dragon Force (using ROMs I made from my own discs years ago… my Saturn is long dead)… so yes please.

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