40 thoughts on “Say what you will about World of Warcraft, its cinematics are god damn beautiful.”

  1. After that cinematic I don’t know how anyone was on the side of the horde. I’m a long time Horde guy, but fuck sake the alliance looked so damn good after that bit.
    If I was at that fight, I’d drop my shit and put my faith in the light.

  2. would love to know how long it takes them to make these, must take a whole year since they only make them for expansions, this last one was my favorite

  3. They took Pitt and a little bit of DiCaprio for the look 100% for that guy. That’s some final fantasy spirits within ben affleck stuff right there.

  4. Final Fantasy always had amazing Cutscenes. However, they also improved the in-game graphics to come closer to those visuals as technology progressed.

  5. And WoW’s movie looks like a joke.

    Seriously I’ll never understand why they didn’t just make a feature-length film using the cinematic tools.

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