33 thoughts on “Scorpion – Oil on Canvas”

  1. Hypothetically, if you had to sell this how much would you charge or how much do you think (or would want) it to go for?

  2. Sooo I love this image … but that’s noob saibot. Any member of the Shirai Ryu wears their clan colors predominantly, as the proud protectors of earth realm. Imagine Hanzo Hasashi a man of profound pride in his clan made look like his killer. If anything this looks like Bi Han the original sub-zero turned noob saibot. Just a lil recolor.

  3. Hi, OP.

    Incredible work! I really like it, however the minor thing I would’ve changed is the MK logo. It looks a bit out of place, and I would’ve worked it into a background instead, or changed to a darker color.

    Still very awesome drawing πŸ‘Œ

  4. I’m probably the dumb one, but isn’t scorpion yellow? I see the yellow highlights, and they are awesome, but with Sub Zero being blue I feel like it’s a little confusing?

    The quality of this is phenomenal. Really just gorgeous work. Keep it up!

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