7 thoughts on “Sea of Thieves new PVP chest added to sandbox”

  1. I really liked the concept of this game but honestly with the only sort of progression being cosmetics is a real bummer. As a big fan of open world, pvp games this game is a big let down

  2. Neat I guess. Gives a repeatable source of Doubloons.

    But it’s pretty much just forcing the Reaper’s Mark to be used outside of Reaper’s Run events and PvP to happen more often since they rely on PvP to fill in for the lack of compelling PvE content.

    Ultimately the game suffers hard because everything is just cosmetics and vanity, so the main ‘fun’ of the game is the experiences and adventures. But when they keep trying to hamfist and force people to PvP, it just creates the typical environment where it gets to be rather hostile/toxic and nobody wants to work with each other if there’s no benefit.

    Also you pretty much have to be ready to sit down for a few hours per session to really feel like you’ve gotten anything out of it. It’s this weird two-faced dynamic of “we want to make this game so easy to play and super casual friendly fun” vs “we want you to invest a truckload of hours in order to feel like you’re making meaningful progress”.

  3. Struggling to think of a more potentially amazing game being shafted by terrible decisions. I wonder how many people at rare have pulled their hair out over the direction SoT got taken.

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