Sean Murray has had his "little midlife crisis" and now he says it's time for Hello Games to be even more ambitious

Sean Murray has had his “little midlife crisis” and now he says it’s time for Hello Games to be even more ambitious

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19 thoughts on “Sean Murray has had his “little midlife crisis” and now he says it’s time for Hello Games to be even more ambitious”

  1. Well I personally won’t be touching anything that has his prints on it, as far as I’m concerned if such a thing were possible I would have him banned/blacklisted from the industry altogether.

    One can only hope he keeps his mouth shut and lets other people with higher moral integrity speak for Hello Games’s future projects.

  2. So I was a fan of Joe Danger 1/2, and sometime around 2015 I stumbled onto Hello Game’s website. They had promotion media up for NMS, and I was happy to see that they were taking on a larger project. It was interesting, and looked like my style of game.

    They may not have done everything right, and the NMS was a flop, but they haven’t lost my interest in future projects, hopefully they aren’t more survival game though.

  3. I hope people didnt forget that he blatantly lied about the multiplayer pre release. No way im buying any of his games.

  4. Seeing the replies here yet NMS was top selling for the entire duration of the summer sale.

    People want the game, not for full price, but people still pay for the game. I imagine they’re even making quite a few bucks off it still.

  5. I suppose Step #1 is changing the name of the studio, then. Preferably to something that isn’t “Goodbye Customers”.

  6. Lots of salty haters in here. Sean Murray is Life.

    He pulled off one of the most wildly ambitious titles to ever grace the PC. Some people just can’t cope with that fact.

    Uhghhhh but nah it has no multiplayer…. pfft, missing the whole point of NMS.

  7. People still believe and play this guys shit? Just release a broken shell filled lie of a game and rake in the money…

  8. Oh no, the pathological liar and scammer who’s become a millionaire on the back of thousands of deceived customers and couldn’t even find the strength of character to apologize for his blunder 3 years later had a midlife crisis?

    Get well soon, Sean!


  9. “little midlife crisis”

    Aka lying to people and getting away with it


    Aka steal even bigger sums of money

  10. lmao. dude’s a millionaire by creating hype for a game from lies and has a crisis.

    That’s the most first world problem I’ve heard of in a while..

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