37 thoughts on “Seems, Geralt is getting old…”

  1. I had to mod out the fall damage when I played 3.

    Take a hit from a massive stone golem with a fist bigger than your torso? Slug down a shot of Swallow, all good.

    Fall 10 feet off a staircase and land on your feet? Collapse to the ground dead while folding like a law chair as every bone in your body crumples.

  2. You couldnt even jump in the first game lol you cant even jump in the second game only drop down and grab some of the ledges

  3. Game companies thing we want things like horrible fall damage and slowly getting hungry until you die. Insanely horrible stamina bars(skyward sword). Games can evolve without adding the features in real life I play games to avoid lol.

  4. Everyone on here commenting like they know what the fuck is going on in this meme and I can’t see shit because it looks all dark to me.

    Either I’m getting old and my eye sight isn’t as good as I thought it was or my brain has been left behind on another plane of existence.

  5. Was hunting the cat gear in Novigrad, had to scale down the cliff in the city (I’m sure you all know the place), jumped down a ledge that looked the appropriate route to take and immediately died from a hilariously short fall. I couldn’t do anything but laugh in desperation that my last save was recent

  6. That scene on the left took place in the first story in the last wish, 13 years later he suffered a major shattering of his legs by a sorcerer during the book time of contempt, it was healed by dryads, so its within reason he cant survive falls like that because of that injury in witcher 3

  7. Shit that’s nothing compared to Kingdom Come Deliverance, I missed a step near the ground and Henry pretty much broke his fucking leg.

  8. Just hit jump before you hit the ground to roll and negate all damage, you can jump and fall from some crazy heights and survive using that

  9. Well, given that to opening cut scene from The Witcher (2007) is from the first short story, we have to take the books into account. Spoilers, Geralt gets his knee pretty fucking messed up.

  10. Gravity in the Witcher 3 must have been 10x that of earth with how easy you died from such small heights. I’d be out looting and polluting trying risky ways to get sweet dank loot and trip over a stick. 1hr and a half of progress gone..

  11. It looks like nobody in this entire thread knows this if you hit the jump button right before you hit the ground Geralt will roll and negate the damage. And that’s an actual mechanic not a glitch or cheese

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