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  1. Hi, my name is Bhenji and I have been running my own channel called Dice vs Cards, covering board games, tabletop games and card games for around six months now, right now I’m only managing one video a week centred around board game tutorials and reviews and I’m still deciding whether I want to focus solely on board games or diversify a bit with more Magic: the Gathering-like content which would include other LCGs/CCGs and as well as tabletop wargaming.

    My problem (albeit a good one) is that I have a passion for all of these games and there’s just so much to talk about/create video’s about and not enough hours in the week. For now I’ll post links to the last five video’s I’ve made all centred around board games as well as the link to the channel above.

    I welcome all feedback as to how I can continue to grow the channel and would also love to hear your views on whether you would subscribe if the channel didn’t have one particular focus but covered all three main area’s of interest in the non-video gaming world, that being card games, board games and tabletop games? Or would you be more likely to subscribe if I was just another Magic: the Gathering-centric or Warhammer 40K-centric channel for example?

    Anything thanks for reading and taking the time to view the channel, if you like what you see please subscribe to the channel to keep updated on what we do.

    All of these videos are in our ‘Should I Play’ series, giving a tutorial and review of each game:

    [Sentinels of the Multiverse](





  2. Hello. I make videos of new indie/big studio video games. I try to release a video every day. My videos are mainly compilations of best/funniest moments that happen during the gameplay. My typical video is around 7 minutes long. I also have some reviews and parodies on my channel.

    Here’s one of my recent videos:


    Thanks for checking me out!

  3. Hi,

    I recently started a channel called “Cinematic Series Gaming” and the entire premise is to show highly edited and high effort gameplays that are really smooth and fun to watch. I plan big things called “Cinematic Series” but they are not ready yet. For now I have some standalone cinematic gameplays. Here’s a few of them to give you a taste.

    A cinematic racing video from GTA. There is some first corner carnage, some tender punting into rear end and just classic GTA silliness. But you know what the say. What happens in trench II stays in trench II:
    [Shadow of Love](

    Slick stealth gameplay from Spider-man where Pete expertly and quietly deals with some goons while wearing the legendary Nighy Monkey suit:
    [Night Monkey’s Stealth Mastery](

    Cinematic GTA Online co-op mission where me and my buddy proficiently extract a hostage like we’re in an action movie:
    [Loose Cheng](

    This epic/humorous Air Royale rampage where I become the Terminator and obliterate streamers in Fortnite dogfights:
    [Fortnite Noob Turns out to be an Ace Pilot](

    Or this piece of pure art that will surely give your lives a new meaning:
    [Most beautiful death you’ll see in your life](

    Give them a watch if you’re interested 😉

  4. Hi everybody greetings,

    I play old Story mode games all on PS4, recently I played “[A Plague Tale: Innocence](” and also made where all the game items are [All Hugo’s Herbarium, Gifts and Curosities location]( and currently playing and about to finish “[Heavy Rain](” originally PS3 game from 2010 and remastered for PS4 it came out with Playstation Plus so decided to check it out. I Also play World of Tanks, Borderlands, War thunder and many more games.

    If you think my channel is worthy of your time, please visit [Red Aries Gaming]( My channel is based from India and my videos come everyday. Planning to do this full time.

  5. Hello everyone, First off thank you very much for the opportunity to do this. I appreciate each and everyone who comes to view my content, if you like it, or not even please let me know; Id love some feedback.
    My channel is dedicated to showcasing both classic and new games, my friends and I play some fun great games, we talk about what happens and have some fun banter. We have controller pass where we swap who is playing every episode, and I have some solo videos and more varied content. The most recent series to come out is Super Mario RPG.
    Thanks again.

  6. Hey everyone, I’m the man behind Thinking About Games which is a channel where…you know…think about games. I’m very new to Youtube, but I’ve put out two videos already in the month I’ve been doing this side project. I cover smaller indie games which deserve a lot of love an attention. Indie games for me at least showcase some of the best parts about videogames and I love exploring their stories, mechanics, dev backgrounds and life.

    My first video was focused on the game [Ruiner]( and my most recent video is looking at [Journey]( I hope everyone gets the chance to look at my content I would greatly appreciate it!

  7. I have just started a gaming channel that features help on how to progress in multiplayer games(which is the main focus) and how to get better at certain characters and roles in games such as overwatch and counterstrike, I will also be making videos on gameplay walkthroughs and game reviews. I also make videos on computer building which is one of my passions so make sure to subscribe ! [](

  8. Hello, my name is Malisity and I make daily gameplay videos. Come join me for all sort of games. Currently been playing lot of horror and if you like to see someone get terrified by Visage, this would be the place to do it.

    **Here take a look at a little fear compilation from Visage**


  9. 😎 Hello Fgjack here and Im a small gaming channel. Im also in the process of making a Zelda Ocarina of Time series, with some silly entertainmemt along they way! this is the new intro let me know what you think! Some games on there are WoW,Doom,Pogostuck, Gears of war 4. And this is just a little of whats to come! Thank you for taking the time to read my post! 👍

  10. Hey guys, this is Slentay! On my channel you’ll find reviews like the one down below about a JRPG game I feel is extremely underrated that really needs more love. Seriously, check it out. I also have several Gaming News videos and rants where I give my thoughts on the recent happenings in the gaming industry! I try to keep it fun and entertaining so I tend to have a variety. Welcome to my channel!

  11. Heyo! Sonoket | Discount Dollar Store Conan O’Brian here.

    I do mainly First Impressions videos on Youtube of games you’ve probably never heard of before. I bet I could show you videos on stuff that you would go “Wait, this is a GAME?”. It’s a ton of fun. I try to cover stuff that every other news outlet just has no business covering, because it’s a good niche.

    I recently came across an AMAZING atmospheric horror game that doesn’t rely on jumpscares at all and I’m hooked. Doing a full LP on that now here:

    [Adam – Lost Memories | NO JUMPSCARES!](

    Or if you want to see reviews and first impressions of Indie Games that you didn’t know existed, you can check out some of the games here, like:

    [Church in the Darkness](

    [Million to One Hero](

    [Please the Gods](


    I am certain you can find something interesting on my channel. And yes, I have bright red hair, and yes, I know I look like Conan O’Brian. I hear it basically everyday.


  12. Hey!! So my name is Andre and I am a content creator on Twitch and YouTube! I stream everyday from 5pm- 12am, I am trying to build a community on twitch of gamers who enjoy all different kinds of video games, a community where people of all ages can enjoy watching games. I post clips everyday on Instagram and I post M/W/F on YouTube. I stream games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Seige, Call of Duty and Overwatch. I just recently became an affiliate on Twitch and I would for you guys to come by, say hi, and drop a follow if you enjoy the small yet exciting community I’ve built!

    Feel free to follow me on all of my platforms:

    Twitch: khaaos_ttv

    YouTube: khaaos_

    Instagram: khaaos_

  13. I just started a channel for fun, Thassel Shaile’s Lets play. I normally run 2 hour twitch streams twice a week and sometimes longer on weekends, and upload the raw video to youtube for anyone who wants to follow the games I am playing.

    My focus is on games that tell a good story, saying that expect mostly RPGs of all kinds.

    Everyone is welcome to come check me out on youtube and follow the links there to twitter or discord.

  14. Hi! I’m really just getting started in content creating. Right now I have a website up at and have a channel with the same name. No content right now on the YouTube channel but will be posting jrpg content

  15. Hi,i started lives streaming just recently i got 245 subscribers usually do games, dota2, Rust, and manymore. and some of my videos are nightcore related (if you do dig nightcore check my video out too) Hope someone would drop by and say hi even subscribe! it would make me happy thank you


  16. Hey, my channel is Gimbeast and I just started YouTube like a week ago and I wasn’t sure what to post. I tried Star Wars but I feel it’s too long. So I decided to go with some GTA V Fails. I don’t have much but it’s a start. What makes my channel unique is that the clips that I’ll post will be short and too the point and hopefully grow as my channel grows. hopefully that’ll catch your eye.

    [GTA V fail short clip ](

  17. Hey r/gaming!
    I’m a fairly new streamer, very recently affiliated! I’m currently playing a variety of games on stream ranging from Call of Duty: Blackout to The Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy XIV.

    Additionally, as an ex touring musician/ music major, I’m also trying to build a following playing Rocksmith 2014 and occasionally streaming myself playing acoustic, covering just about anything you can think of( I take all requests, might just have to take a few minutes to learn your request) Come stop by, I have a great little community that’s getting bigger by the week 🙂

  18. If you wish to find my YouTube channel it is very complicated
    All you gotta do is type “Challenger boys a very popular game I cannot name because of copyright” and click on the video of the diamond pickaxe over the bed

  19. Hello, all!

    I’m pixcelation, and I run a bi-monthly (sometimes more frequently) video game review / discussion series called … unsurprisingly … The Pixcelation Show! on the weeks I don’t produce this, I produce an anime review / discussion series called Anime Ambush. If you’re curious, this week I published a piece on DELTARUNE and how it was made public back in October. Check it out! [](

  20. Hi My name is Cecil. I’m a classical guitarist and I started a YouTube channel focuses on Video Game Music, especially JRPG music. I always give out free guitar tabs because I want to share and promote the wonderful sound of classical guitar as well as VGM! Check out my channel at [](

  21. Hello chat,

    I just rebranded my channel for the first time, I would like to introduce District 480 Gaming. -D480- is made up of 4 main people with introductory videos coming to the channel in the upcoming weeks. This is a eSports org that will post videos and fragmovies of each of the main 4 and the community. Please feel free to check out our teaser that just went live!

    Thank you,

    -Karambit2K (-D480- Owner)

  22. My daughter has a gaming channel, she loves to stream (with supervision of course). She gets super excited when new subs join, so thought I’d give her a shoutout, MiaGames! Just proud of her for working at a hobby she enjoys so much! Here is a link to her channel:


    Thanks for reading!

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