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35 thoughts on “Self Promotion Saturday! Small streamer? Just getting started? Tell us about it here!”

  1. Hi guys, my name is dr_benje_jr on twitch and I stream a variety of games. So far including satisfactory, ark and green hell. I have a set schedule but tend to stream whenever I feel like it. I would appreciate all and any support given from this sub reddit 🙂

  2. Hey, TobieeR on twitch, old school diablo 2 and league streamer. Recently got into borderlands and been streaming bl2 and Apex with friends. Gonna push hard on bl3 next week! Join in for some red chest farming using the echo app! Cheers!

  3. I just put up a video of [my sister trying to explain Fortnite]( (she doesn’t play games at all), and it made the front page of the FN sub. People thought it was hilarious, so we’re going to do more!

    CrackedRabbitGaming on YouTube.

  4. hi my name on youtube is charlie7633 and i post any game that i enjoy whether it be for honor overwatch the upcoming borderlands 3 (or what ever game my pc can handle at the time) i also make trailer mashups for games aswell e.g [](

  5. Hi I’m Jinzler. I’m a content creator for the game DayZ. Please check out my youtube channel.

    I release weekly videos of my adventures in DayZ. From base building, squad wipes, strange moments etc….

    Play as a lone wolf and occasionally part of a squad with my pal Swift. Come by and check out my collection of over 30 vids

  6. Hello there! I’m knappz0r on Twitch, which is my nick on [Youtube]( as well, and i stream and upload game content. I stream Dwarf Forterss on Sundays at 12:00 Swedish time (CET+1 during summer time), right now I also stream some Two Point Hospital. Those things go up on the Youtube channel but there is some Youtube exclusive content there as well, such as a recently finished Subnautica in VR series and some coop playing (right now Baldur’s Gate 2) with my friend Limewood.

  7. Hey everyone GamingGanon here,im a small YouTuber doing reviews,covering news and generally talking about games! I also make gaming guides! If you have some time check out my latest video about borderlands 3 ,I would appreciate the feedback!

  8. Ever seen the Apex.exe gaming videos? Think that but scaled down a bit. I’m new to editing and what I am trying to do is tell a humorous story through my gameplay edits. I know it isn’t perfect, so any tips and feedback would be great! I am T-Smooth.


  9. Hey everyone. I go by [GradyGames]( on YouTube. I upload daily let’s play gaming content at 12PM EST during the week and 10AM EST on the weekends. I play a bit of everything, from nostalgic to modern-day titles. Come check me out!

    I’m currently playing through **Fable Anniversary**, **Super Mario Maker 2** (story mode), and **The Saboteur**. I’m also getting into live streaming regularly and can be found on **Apex Legends** most nights.

    Channel Link: [](

  10. I recently started making reviews on my Youtube channel. This is the latest one. It’s a “Review-playthrough” of Firewatch. Basically, we go through the game linearly while also reviewing it. I’m surprised at how well it worked out and I’m actually quite proud of what I achieved. If you can, give it a shot perhaps 🙂


  11. Hi, I’m Jay, and I have a YouTube channel called Hi, I’m Jay! [](

    I started doing this about a year ago, after quitting the game website where I had been writing reviews and podcasting for several years. I had once dreamed of it getting me a job at IGN or something one day, but realized that my experiences with the industry made me stop wanting that. My first big video was a video essay talking about why I feel detached from what game reviews are and how they are perceived, specifically using my 5 and a half years of reviews background as a basis. It’s kind of relevant to some discourse that’s been going on this week, and it’s rough, but I think pretty good! [](

    I also do a series called the Longest Licensed Voyage, where we play through old licensed games and try to find the good, or at least the comedic, within them. Each video has been really unique from the last, and I’m pretty proud of how it’s grown. My most recent one is on teh Wii game for the Nickelodeon show The Naked Brothers Band: [](

  12. Twitch name is Oumansia. I just started streaming and trying to hit affiliate so I can steam even more. I’m mainly playing rocket league, wow classic, and some division 2 at the moment, and will be doing borderlands 3 upon release. Hoping to stream the next great mmo once it’s released. Any new followers would be amazing (and I’ll follow back). Thanks.

  13. Hey y’all I’m not good at games but I play alot I want to get a sort of web based radio show but instead of music I play games with strangers and ramble. Not saying you have to sub I’m more of a sit and listen or join the chat and speak your peice. here is a link to a firewall video I did Sunday I’m having some friends over and we’re going to play Key Forge and discuss some current events come join us. Thanks 😊

  14. Hi! I’m cresylsnapdragon on youtube and twitch. I have been posting some tutorials on my page including mix it up tutorials for mixer streamers, and discord bot maker tutorials for coders. I also post gameplay videos and I am trying to delve into review videos. Here is my latest video: 15 pokemon-esque games to play while you wait for sword and shield [ ](

  15. How have I missed this?


    Well; I’ve been youtubing for ages and still trying to hit my 1k mark. We’re just shy of 200 subs needed and have been working hard to make that milestone. I do reviews of unusual video games across multiple consoles (Electrocop on Lynx to a game that requires real human blood to level your characters up) as well as reviewing Chinese products, and live streaming.


    We just finished Skyrim for the very first time and I’d love to share with you all the ending “cinematic” I made for the game. If you guys like any of my content, please drop a line. Despite the YT law, I always read comments and do try to respond <3


  16. My latest video on my channel, JuddRudds:

    Everyone says its my best video yet! The game is Smash bros Ultimate, and i did an online tournament. I’m a professional video editor about to earn my degree so it has great video and audio quality and funny edits! Hope you enjoy!

  17. Hello, I did some youtube videos a long while ago and recently decided to get back to it.


    I’ve also just started out streaming on twitch, mostly playing Europa Universalis IV and WoW Classic at the moment but I’m looking to play other games that I love. I hope you enjoy if you decide to have a look!

  18. What’s up Gamers, ItzKremitbby here. Very new to reddit literally joined minutes ago, don’t know what’s really going on but that’s the fun of it.

    I’m an average (on a good day) console gamer that plays a variety of games (Minecraft, rainbow, smite, Overwatch, and many others). I’m wanting to make a YouTube Channel in the future and stream a bit and make a career out of this.

    I’m a very fun, sometimes funny, easy going guy from the Midwest so prepare for the ‘ope’ word. I’d love to collaborate with y’all other console gamers on PS4 and make a fun, interactive gaming community for all viewers and people out their that love video games, having a laugh or two and feel appreciated! I’m down to clown for about anything gaming related.

    My PSN is Schmiidty5 if you wanna HMU and play games or just chill and talk bout whatever, message me on here and I’ll get back to you. Prolly a lot I missed but oh well.

    I love all y’all gamers out there. Spread love and positivity and just be a good fella or lady fella!


  19. Hi. I’m a small steamer but i would like to become a big YouTuber and steamer My Channel is Mr.Shuggets and please Subscribe if you don’t want to Its ok

  20. My name’s Tempokin and I’m your average-below-average YouTuber. Check out [my channel]( or my newest video on [Super Mario 64]( I’ve also done Fire Emblem, Overwatch, and more! If you’d subscribe or at least watch a video, I’d be incredibly grateful.

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