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11 thoughts on “Self Promotion Saturday! Small streamer? Just getting started? Tell us about it here!”

  1. Hello, my name is Malisity, and I am a small Icelandic youtuber who does let’s plays.

    Daily gaming videos and plenty of playlists await you on my channel. I hope you give me a look we are only 18 away from 100 😀


  2. I pretty much run a Minecraft channel and my videos are starting to get better and better. The videos I make are pretty fun and the edits are pretty good. I play Hypixel normally and episode 1 of season 5 of my smp server is being released on Friday. People watch me because they like laughing at my inability to be good at Skywars.
    My channel link: [](

  3. For the 5 people who browse this post: EPIC gamer moments only. These vids highlight THOSE moments with best friends. Been slow to edit and upload because of medschool, but finally hit that 4th year so it’s smooth sailing and YOUTUBE from here on out.

    literally 2-3 years OLD-BUT-GOLD footage of PUBG – [](

    Spooky multiplayer game called SCP- [](

    What goes wrong when you join a GMOD role play hogwarts server- [](

    Any feedback greatly appreciated, working on getting a better mic and rig as I am already outdated 5+ years. I am working on some gears 5, GTA, and taking it back to counter strike with a 5-man-road-to-global-elite coming soon

  4. I host a YouTube channel all about horror games. I release 10 videos a week showcasing everyone from pixel based to full AAA games, as well as some new smaller scares. This month I’ve been releasing a mini series, and Fridays video was the Top 5 Horror Protagonists. If you like to see it, and share your favorites, it’s available at

  5. I just started my YouTube channel a few weeks ago. I only have 6 videos right now with more in the pipeline. Some critiques and criticisms would be very helpful since I have more videos than unique views. I think the concepts for my videos are good but I’m not sure I’m hitting the execution. I have some serious videos with a review of Yoku’s Island Express and a critique of a half life mod called Afraid of Monsters. I also have dumb videos such as trying to play through postal 2 while making it “advertiser friendly.” There’s a commercial dub as well, but I don’t plan on doing that very often.

    My future videos include a critique of the game Cry of Fear, a look at Half-Life Blue Shift on why it’s considered the worst of the PC HL games and a discussion on what I would want out of a Pokemon game targeted towards the adults that grew up with it and not children.

  6. Long-form let’s player here! I’m pretty happy with how this episode came out:

    The game is fire emblem three houses. I’m playing on the hardest difficulty and in this chapter I finally got to fight the infamous Death Knight.

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