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39 thoughts on “Self Promotion Saturday! Small streamer? Just getting started? Tell us about it here!”

  1. I’ve got a horror let’s play channel covering indie and AAA games without the constant screeching and screaming at every little noise. I’ve been playing the genre for 2 decades now so I go over what was effective or not, and harbor a welcoming community.

  2. Hello Guys. I have started a youtube channel and upload content on a daily basis. The contents of my channel mainly consists of MOBA games. Currently the only gameplay videos I upload are of Mobile Legends. I mostly play games on my phone. So if you are a mobile player and you like the MOBA genre, I am sure that you would love my channel. Here is the link-

    If you find my channel good, please subscribe and let me know which games would you like me to include on the channel.

  3. Hey guys,

    I am a general surgery resident who has always had a passion for acting and gaming and recently started a channel as a creative outlet! I mainly record gameplay but also plan on incorporating some fun medical stuff into it too (vlogs, etc) I am new to all this and will be uploading daily (minor setback involving my computer) I record most everything on my days off, hence my channel’s name Doctor’sDayOff 🙂 I appreciate any feedback and/or likes, comments about anything I can do to improve.

    Link: [](

  4. Hey guys!

    I make video essays about different things in gaming. My main focus is Nintendo games, and so far I’ve uploaded two videos. [One]( about Pannenkoek2012 and SM64 TAS, and [another]( about the Paper Mario series and the way it’s changed over time.

    These videos take a really long time to make (1-2 months), and so far I only have ~60 subscribers, so if any of this sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’d really appreciate any support you have to give. Here’s a direct link to my channel: [](

  5. Hello everyone, I’m EVIL-C, but now go by “The Stuttering Gamer” on YouTube.

    I reviewed games, did unboxings, offered detailed tutorials, etc… 10 years ago.

    I’m unique in the fact that, I’m a presenter, yet I’ve stuttered all my life, which previously made being a host very difficult.
    Most people were supportive, but I let a few trolls bother me, which burnt me out and thus I quit. My passion for gaming and being an Independant voice in a sea of corporate gaming media fueled me on at the time.

    I just recently got back into creating videos. I’ve done some opinion pieces on Google Stadia, Sony’s State of Play, which were new themes for me.
    I’m once again doing unboxings and reviews, and I’m working on several other ideas as we speak. (A couple reviews and a sort-of documentary, plus more opinions and some projects with friends)
    My most recent videos are my first gaming panel discussion from “Anime North 2019” in Toronto, and a look at Castlevania Anniversary Collection for Switch.

    Additionally, I’ll be going to Japan (again) later this year for awhile to be with my girlfriend (yes, she’s Japanese), and intend to film some gaming-related stuff while I’m there.

    Come have a look at my current works, plus my old content is still available.

    Thank you. 😀


  6. Heyo Sonoket back again!

    As I’ve said before I cover those indie games that I promise you’ve probably never heard of. They sre games that may be really great, or just a dumpster fire. Videos are quick and to the point so you can get on with your day!

    I recently covered a Switch game that’s like a Vegas slot machine with anime girls.

    Or if that’s not your speed I also covered a PC free-for-all murder fest Xera:

    I cover Switch and PC games for now but may add other consoles in the future.

    Also yes, I know you think I look like Conan O’Brien and thankyou, I take it as a compliment.

  7. I have a small YouTube channel called ColdNorth productions. We do podcasts and video essays. This week I explain why I think the XBOX Scarlett is coming out later this year. I really appreciate anyone who gives it a look!

  8. Me and a couple dudes are making a video game about an alcoholic lumberjack trying to become a better father. We make ‘How Games are Made’ videos as well as updates on our progress. Here’s our newest video:

  9. Hey, I spend anywhere from **20 to 50 hours each video**. It’s **heavily edited gaming content** with a style simular to Womble and Fitz. It’s either just me or me and friends playing games and then I sit down for anywhere between 20-50 hours and make it as good as I possibly can. **Quality beats quantity** imo and I’ve been making videos for 8 years, 3 years consistantly.

    I’m pretty proud of the content I make and it has even **landed me a job** working for a more popular youtuber editing his videos. I’ve done that for just over a year now and he is pretty happy.

    One of my latest videos: PUBG (friends) –

    One of my latest videos: Hitman (solo) –


    Any suggestions or changes you think I should make is appreciated.

    TL:DR; Read bold.

  10. Hello Gamers! #riseup
    I am currently working on League of Legends content and will do my best to upload weekly!

    Here is my first video just for a taste of my style!
    Feedback is much appreciated and would love to build a community!

  11. Mmkay hi everyone! I don’t have a YouTube channel or anything like that but I love making smash montages on r/SmashBrosUltimate so if y’all could at least check that out and vote on future ones I would appreciate it. Thank you!

  12. I have a small gmaing focused channel. Releasing daily gameplay videos. I play games from all sort of genres though most focused on story heavy games no matter if it’s horror, fps, walking simulator or something else.

  13. Hey everyone! I just recently got back into gaming I use to play a lot of Cod back in the days w all that trickshotting haha have a few clips of those on my channel please check it out!
    I only post content about Mostly Fortnite now as I’m in a clan and we only play that, always a fun and happy time on stream also wondering if anyone has any streaming tips like best times to stream etc , here’s my channel sub to us and I will to you

  14. Hello, hello, hello! I run a mobile gaming stream. Mainly focuses on Mobile Auto chess, but I have other games on there as well.


    If your into gaming! My channel is for you! Subscribe and enjoy. Also any tips or help to improve my channel would be greatly appreciated!




  15. Hi I’m playtobyplay and I make quiet gameplay videos on YouTube. I don’t really like people yelling over games so I try not to do it. I do have people popping in randomly and random convos start but all in all it’s just one guy playing video games. Drop by, subscribe and ask a question. I’m down to play with new people and stream too.

  16. Late in the day, but it’s Neal from Black x the Half again here to promote mine and my buddy Nate’s page!

    I will be in the process of getting our new episodes of Cuphead edited and uploaded over the next fee days in between other tasks and attending graduation ceremonies!

    This is our page:

    You can’t expect a consistent schedule just yet, but if we get to a point where we can afford to be on one then you bet your ass we’ll be working on games all day.

    What you can expect now however are two friends that love video games and love complaining to one another while we torture ourselves to hopefully entertain the masses.

    Going forward I won’t even be asking for even potential subs, or comments (I honestly think they might be overrated), but a like lets us know that we’re at least doing something right.

    So if you feel us please give us a like, share us around, and I sincerely hope that we can give anybody that watches our stuff a smile in one way or another.

  17. I upload videos every 2-3 days of Pubg Mobile, PUBG PC Lite and CS:GO. My videos are PROFESSIONALLY edited so you won’t get bored. So those who want daily dose of gaming can subscribe to my channel. I cover each and every gaming news, updates and new games every 3 days. Subscribe and I guarantee you will not regret it [](

  18. Hello everyone.

    I have a channel which I used to just post random rubbish on but recently wanted to get into lets plays or walkthroughs with commentary. I’ve only just started so it’s by no means good at all but I can only get better with practice.

    My latest video is me playing Jalopy really badly. If you want to check it out, the link is here.

  19. Hello everyone, I just came here to say that I have started a YouTube channel which I will leave a link to and on the channel I post gameplay videos of CSGO Fortnite, COD, Rainbow 6 and commentary videos. I also do live-streams on twitch sometimes 🙂

    Also this is my first post on reddit so it would mean a lot if you upvoted this!

    [my YouTube channel ](

  20. My GrubMagnet Gaming Channel is new and needs subscribers please 🙂


    Here’s an intro movie:


    I’ve added lots of let’s play first time movies and handy tutorials currently on Witcher 3 and Minecraft

    If you want a giggle, check out this let’s play first time movie of Human Fall Flat. My gameplay on it is so bad, it’s funny to watch!


    Thanks for reading and I hope you like my channel!

  21. Well for me, i dont have a youtube channel but I’ve been following some, and I recently made a discovery from one of the channels I’m subscribed to. It’s a gaming app that allows users to interact and play with the [digital collectables]( they own, creating a further level of engagement. I haven’t seen a better means of reward for gamers. Tell me if you know any.

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