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27 thoughts on “Self Promotion Saturday! Small streamer? Just getting started? Tell us about it here!”

  1. I’m not sure if I’m applicable for this, but worth a shot! I’m a new gaming channel that’s only just starting up, currently doing solo content with intent to have some comedy behind it, but planning to move into doing content with friends and other YouTubers as I grow and get more time. For the time being, I’m doing a Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice playthrough, but am also producing other videos of varying different games at the same time, such as Apex Legends, Enter the Gungeon, soon to be doing Rainbow Six: Siege, etc.

    I like putting time into my editing, even if I don’t have much time at the moment, so if you enjoy well edited videos, I hope you’d like my content! If you’re unsure about my channel, maybe just give it a bit of a chance, but I’m always open to some criticism as I aim to get better!





  2. Neal of Black x The Half here with a bit of a shorter intro because I have to get to my job job!

    This is episode 4 of our Super Meat Boy run and probably encapsulates a lot of how I imagine most of our play through attempts will be when we’re “on our game”. We have fun with it, Nate gives me a hard time when I screw up, and it moves pretty fast all things considered.

    Thanks for the Tim and your consideration!

  3. I have a small youtube channel called ColdNorth Productions. We post podcasts, video essays, and now multiplayer videos. This weeks video is about my speculation about what I don’t like about the Switch and how it could be improved with a revision. I really appreciate anyone that checks it out!



  4. I do breakdowns of the combat and animations in the Kingdom Hearts series!

    I’ve noticed that a lot of the time, animations and attacks can go by so quickly that the player does not really notice what happens. I think knowing what happens during an attack can help the player better understand the game’s mechanics and also appreciate the time and energy that went into making those animations.

    I plan to one day ~~eventually at some point in the future~~ move on to other games because I think this can help people gain a new appreciation for games.



    Not me, for someone I play online with. Has started doing character creations for Red Dead Online and may start doing other game creations in the future. Does requests where possible. A lot of people have loved her Yennefer look alike! Has also done John Wick (done before Kat Chartreux’s and actually looks more like Keanu IMO) Ciri and Sadie look alikes. Subscribe! 🙂

    *edit: added additional info

  6. If you happen to be looking for lame humor, audio issues, and sub-par editing, look no further.

    I just throw together clips of moments I or my friends laughed at. Nothing special, just trying to share some laughs and hopefully get some feedback. I’m already aware I suck, so “nowhere to go but up”.

    Note: I’ve only used editing software on a PC for the last five videos. Anything before those was made with Ps4’s Sharefactory.

  7. I have a small YouTube channel where I post videos of me playing mobile games specially PUBG Mobile I have to admit I don’t have the best quality when it comes to audio but I have efficient and accurate gameplay specially when it comes to PUBG mobile. I will upload a little 1minute trailer of my gameplay on my channel and please feel free to check it out.

  8. I’m The Stuttering Gamer on YouTube. Previously I made reviews, tutorials, etc.. 10 years ago, but got burnt out and took a long break.
    Now I’m back creating again, plus trying some new things too. I do various things such as reviews, previews, opinions, panel discussions, comedic stuff, to name a few. And I’ll be filming some stuff in Japan later this year as well.

    I welcome you all to have a look. Thank you very much. 😊

  9. Around christmas I realized I have over 500 games in my various game libraries (steam, GOG, twitchgames etc) … and that I’ve played less than 20% of them.

    I don’t really have time to sink 100 hours into more than 5(?) games per year or so… I get to a Catch-22: I don’t know which ones are good enough to stick with unless I play them… but I don’t know which game to start with.

    So, I decided to just start testing games. One game per day. and just for accountability (I’m pretty bad with procrastination), I decided to upload to youtube (which hopefully will help others find some old hidden gems in their library as well).

    I don’t keep myself to any strict rules, but if I spend more than an hour on a game, it automagically goes on the “To Finish” list.

    I kinda got bit by the bug a few weeks ago and started a gameplay series of Satisfactory (

    Also unconsciously got into sort of reviewing the games I play ([First Impression: Octopath Traveler (PC)](, which felt good. Not really sure if I’m doing it right yet though. Watch me grow and learn?

    I have been playing mostly on my GPD Win 2 (micro-PC), as I’m quite into portable gaming. but recently the pickings of games that work on the machine have been a bit slim. So I’m in the process of changing things up for the future.

    Check it out, any and all criticism is appreciated, and I’ll see you next time.

  10. Hello!

    Check out my wife’s Youtube channel if you like indie game related stuff.


    She’s a very passionate gamer and started to make content several months ago. Reviews and walkthroughs of indie games as well as achievement guides.

    The latest video is a review of Pathologic 2: [](

    And Void Bastards: [](

  11. We are YouTubers wanting to bring high quality entertainment to the masses and are working hard to do so. Check out our Sea of Thieves series and stick around for State of Decay or our new Minecraft series. All best from us at FatSlap Gaming.

    Sea of Thieves: Stealing a Fort Key


  12. [](

    I’ve been a gamer since the early 80’s and have decided to start up a gameplay channel. I try to post regularly and play a lot of different types of games.

    Trying out new games without knowing what I’m doing is always a good time, but I also have a few favorite games I play on a regular basis. These include Sea of Thieves, Kenshi, One Hour One Life and My Summer Car. I’m also always up for suggestions.

  13. I release daily gaming videos focused mostly on story heavy games. No matter if it’s horror, fps, rpg or walking simulator I am here to enjoy the story. I am always open to game ideas and comments.



    Current series on my channel are:

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider



    Upcoming content over the next month:

    Close to the sun

    The Sinking City

    Heavy Rain (PC edition)

  14. Recently I decided to re-play one of my childhood favourite game, The Fall: Last Days of Gaia. This game is (sadly) not so well known, has waaaay smaller popularity and flew way under the radar for what it’s worth. For a 2004 RPG, it uses such – for that time- revolutionary RPG systems that became mainstream only years after its release.

    Anyway, the game is about you controlling a team of 6 mercenaries and playing it through with them. I said f*** that, and, long story short, played it through with only one character, on the hardest difficulty, without dying once.

    Here is the link to my channel. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Sub for sub. Thank you!

    P.S.: I actually have 2 playthroughs of it: one on Normal, with 1 character and one on the hardest diff.


    I’m a family man with two boys, and an avid gamer since I was a kid.

    I have a mix of content on my channel, from twitch streaming tips, to messing with other twitch streamers.

    But I recently shifted to gaming content. My son loves watching my videos, which is the best feedback I could ask for.

    Hope you’re all enjoying your creative journey!

  16. So, about 5 years ago I started collecting Playstation 2 games, as it’s my favorite console and they were quite cheap at the time… About a year into hardcore collecting for it, I had the idea to try and play through every single one of these games, as a lot of collectors only buy games to look at on shelves. I wanted to be different.

    So different in fact, that I thought I’d share my quest on Youtube! So, I started a channel.

    Fast forward 4 years, and I’m only 222 games deep into this 2000+ game quest, The first 3 years I was really on and off with this channel, which I regret as this past year I’ve been at it quite hard!

    So, if you’re interested in the Playstation 2 and have a soft spot for it, or want to experience a bit of nostalgia, pop on over to the channel and see what you think! 🙂



  17. Me and a couple dudes are making a game about an alcoholic lumberjack who’s country is invaded by a neighboring kingdom. He doesn’t like being invaded. And he has an axe.
    We make videos of the process of making our game. Here’s our most recent one:

  18. I just started streaming this morning, and I premiered a new modded Skyrim let’s play after the stream. Modded Skyrim is my main thing and I do some game reviews and indie games on the side as well.

    I also feature a digital puppet instead of a facecam. I use face-tracking software to animate the mouth, eyes, and such and triggers to enable certain motions. I have a couple of different puppets and I’m trying out a new one in my latest series/video.

    Thanks for your support! [](


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