28 thoughts on ““Sell Trash Now, Fix Trash Now”: Bethesda Knows It Can Sell Unfinished Crap And Promise To Fix It Later (Jim Sterling)”

  1. as much as I like Jim sterling he doesn’t half waffle on about the subject of his videos and makes them longer then they have to be

  2. Todd Howard just convinced me to never buy a Bethesda game on release ever again. Why would anyone when you can wait until its finished and pick it up down the road when its on sale?

  3. Todd is the new Peter Molyneux. Nothing he says can be taken as truth.

    It’s taken a bit for people to see through his bullshit. But FO76 broke the dam.

  4. When Todd is on press tour for TES VI some journalist MUST ask him if the game is a “high metacritic game” or it is something that is going to become something “fabulous” like Fallout 76?

    Fallout 76 followed up by Blades has defined Bethesda Game Studio as a trash company worse than EA at it’s lowest..

  5. “We can’t engage our playerbase who are playing Fallout3/NV/4 or Skyrim :(”

    Fuckers did you lose the source code for them? You could be making Skyrim DLC or putting all the removed content from Fallout 4 into the game for the last 4 years without an issue.

    No you don’t want to be engaged you want to milk players – engaged would be finishing games you make – but you do the customary couple of DLCs and then just start work on the next game.

    Reminder Fallout 4 was going to have an entire storyline about an underwater Vault run by the institute that was cut and in 4 years they’ve just plum never had the time to look at making it.

    Terraria was released in 2011 and they’re still updating it and adding content just saying.

  6. I agreed up until he started to bitch for the people who preordered. I have 0 sympathy for those people and hopefully they learned their lesson, **DON’T FUCKING PREORDER A GAME!**

  7. I said it already, say it again: If he bashes something you all hate, he’s good but if he bashes something you all like, he’s a “Fat, whiny belligerent shit stirring waste of time”

  8. Lol look at him while talking about skyrim or fallout communities. “Damn so many people still playing these games but we cant but paid mods or microtransactions in them :,<“. People are playing these games because there are free mods you w***er.

    For me this only confirms that Elder Scrolls are dead. The next one will be a live service one (high chance without mods) with microtransactions and a “road map”. But they wont call it road map. They’ll know people will remember shit like anthem. They will call it something like “free future update list”. Its sad seeing all the “great” studios i loved in the past becoming the literal devil. Guess thats what happens when people who made games with passion are bought up by big investors that want big yearly returns. Mobile type bullshit mechanics in PC games is what they get off to at night.

    Guess its time to look for some indie devs.

  9. One thing I am tired of is Bethesda taking their fans, community, and modders for granted. It is not the responsibility of modders to patch and fix the buggy games. They take advantage of their brand name to shovel stuff out to the fans, because they know they’ll buy it.

    That shows a lack of respect for the fans, and they take the reputation they’ve earned over the years for granted. Some of their good graces were wearing thin with Fallout 4, but Fallout 76 put them on notice. I hope they learned from it and make Elder Scrolls VI the best it can be. We all want it to be successful.

  10. Only took 3 games with each increasingly more broken for people to finally stop worshipping bugthesda and not buy the game.

  11. They can do this with their current rep and brand power, but how many times? Exactly how much money does this make?

    I don’t know the Fallout 76 sales numbers, but it doesn’t ring impressive long term strategy to me unless there’s more to it.

  12. It’s trueley impressive how Bethesda took all their good will and squandered it. I was all about them buying everything they made cause I wanted to support them now I don’t buy anything they make besides the published titles like doom or wolf. Their mainline stuff like fallout elder scrolls 6 and starfield may as well not exist cause I’m not buying them

  13. People still listen to Jim Sterling? I don’t disagree with all he says but god he’s a fucking toxic influence.

  14. There was a time I would have told you that Elder Scrolls 6 would make me break my “No Pre-Order” rule, but those days are long gone.

  15. I’m glad I can relate with Bethesda,

    “do my assignments last minute- seems to be working fine”

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