Hey, I’m thinking of buying a PS4 soon. But I heard that the PS5 will come out next year already. Would it make sense to buy a PS4 now or would I just throw my money out?

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10 thoughts on “Should I buy a PS4 in 2019?”

  1. Well don’t throw your money out. Buy a ps4 if you have a compatible 4k TV pay the extra hundred and get the pro. You won’t regret it.

  2. Never ever never buy a first gen ps product. They sometimes (always) have *quirks* and usually very few games for the first six months or so. I would get the pro and wait for six months or so at least for the 5.

    Edit to say dude, my first playstation didn’t have a number. I’ve never had anything but playstation 1, 2, 3, 4 and pro. It’s good advice that doesn’t need a downvote yo.

  3. This is a tough call. Personally, I’d wait it out.
    It’s too bad the PS5 release date hasn’t been set in stone.
    If you knew for sure it was 2 years ago, it might be an easier decision to make.
    But if it’s a little over a year… I’d sit and wait.

  4. If you like the games the PS4 has to offer and you don’t already own a Xbone just buy a used one for under $200 and it won’t be a waste, when the PS5 nears its release date just sell off your PS4 with the games you bought and buy a PS5, obviously everyone expects the PS5 to be expensive so you’re going to be spending hard anyway.

  5. I’d buy a PS4 and then wait a year or two into the PS5 launch. The vast majority of games will likely release on both the PS4 and 5 for the first year and a half of the new life cycle and after 2 years the system will drop in price, get a slim system or will be sold bundled with some good games. It pays to wait.

  6. Why not have fun playing videogames instead of maybe playing a hypothetically better unknown future videogame at some point when the rumors mentioned it might come out.

    Enjoy something you know is good. Don’t worry about maybe.

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