19 thoughts on “Should I get Skyrim?”

  1. It’s a great game and highly regarded by many. Plus, there’s an entire body of memes that wont make sense to you until you play it.

  2. It’s still a good game on PS4, it’s a good game on all platforms. BUT you are limited on PS4 in terms of modding. It’s apparently better on Xbox but the best platform is PC. But you’ll still get to adventure Skyrim in all its glory and all the lore is the same, so it’s up to you

  3. If you havent played it yet then my question is do you live under a rock? Kidding aside the game is very good and worth it to play. Elderscrolls games dont really connect to each other so you can jump in wherever. The events of each game takes place on the same continent (I think, I havent played all of them) but they may take place in a different country and/or time period. Some games are set hundreds of years apart. If you play other games you may get some references to “historical events” which are basically just the events of another game but they do not effect the storyline

  4. No. The game will ruin your life. 2000 hours and now I will install it again.
    All jokes aside it’s a great game

  5. You should totally get it. It’s much better on PC though because although there is mod support on PS4, there is an absolute ton more mods on the PC edition. (Just take a look at the Skyrim Nexus mods page) plus it’s one of those games you can sink absolutely hours into.


    Just be warned, Nazeem will make you want to unleash hell upon the entire world.

  6. Why are you even here just fucking do it already jesus fucking christ what are you waiting for hurry up

  7. Tbh I bought it and hated it. Gave it a really solid go too but I just didn’t enjoy the combat at all and it was such a crucial part of the game you’re supposed to enjoy

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