I’m having a hard time deciding lol. What are some pros and cons with it? I currently own an XB1S and a Switch. Some other stuff: I don’t know much about pcs, I want to be a streamer and maybe even a youtuber, and if I do I’m planning on making it my primary gaming device.

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15 thoughts on “Should I join PC?”

  1. I was in a similar position. Yes. You should. Didn’t care about streaming but still. You should make the jump.

  2. The list of reasons is huge but can be summed up as :

    Anything you could do on console can be done on pc but better. You can use any input devixe commercially available and play anywehre in the house. In a chair or on the couch. Better graphics, better framerates, backwards compatibility for ever, 30000 games on steam alone right now, customizable systems, aesthetics built to your own personal taste, multitasking, multi monitor the list coukd go on forever.

    I honestky cant think of a single reason why console could possibly be better except maybe price for the hardware. Games though are much cheaper on pc. I just got 9 for 39$ on steam and in the aummer sale i managed 30 somthing for just under 120$

  3. Pro: you’ll be able to have top quality everything AND have the overhead to stream/record at a great quality all on a single machine with more options even. You can also use legit mics and headphones rather than being limited to headsets.

    Literally the only con is cost and ease of access because everything else is just straight up better

  4. Cons:

    No Console exclusives

    Not necessarily a bad thing but you may need to tweak settings to get the best performance out of your pc unlike console which are plug and play.

    If you are building it which many will suggest you do. You have to do a LOT of research on the individual parts (like I said consoles are plug and play) and their benchmarks. Watch some yt videos on how to. Just don’t search the verge

    No matter what others say if you want pc like performance you need to shell out some money and it ain’t cheap. It’s not overly expensive either just under 1k for a mid to high range PC

    Multiple launchers. I think console don’t have this

    Denuvo protection but if you purchase from GoG then no.


    Free online play

    If you break anything or if something goes wrong you can go to thousands of forums and learn what it is and how to fix it yourself unlike console where you have to pay for the service charges and like. This goes back to one of the cons you need to research your individual components but it’s worth it.

    You can upgrade it when you want and don’t have to depend on your console overlord.

    If you go for itx or mini itx builds i is just as compact as consoles

    Monitor are inherently better than TVs.

    Higher refresh rates and higher graphical fidelity

    You have other options for social media and game sharing application if you are into it.

    Larger number of games

    Almost infinite backwards compatibility unless you the game has Secure disc the mother of Denuvo. Then good luck breaking it.

    Emulation of old games if you want

  5. Pros: much cheaper software, more freedom to do what you want, a decent machine to do things other than game, access to everything the console don’t have

    Cons: hardware more expensive, more freedom can mean more work to understand what’s what.

  6. Backward compatibility – some older games don’t work on newer consoles right, well on PC this is rarely the case. You can play old games without major problems.

    Modding – community modding is a great thing for single player games. One needs to only see what modders have done to Skyrim keeping the game relevant even in 2019.

    Upgrade ability – you can upgrade your hardware once it becomes dated.

    Better fps.

    The cons are probably the price, but even that is not that big of a deal. With sales frequently around the corner you could probably build a very solid PC for 700 bucks, and above average rig for about 900 bucks.

    If you are interested take a look at r/buildapc

  7. Yes?

    I mean, you aren’t contractually required to sell your consoles when you buy a PC or anything. Go with what you want to do.

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