I remember the first time I got Silent Hill 2 to play, i was like 10/11 and was already getting tired of plataforming and Adventure games like: Klonoa door to phantomille (great game btw), Crash, spyro etc, my father had bought a ps2 for the first time and I remember being astonished by the graphics of some games like god of war, resident evil and Order of the Rose but none of these games really grabed my attention for long, until I found Silent Hill 2 in a shop for the first time.
I remember it being so ominous and misterious like if it was calling me to play it. I knew I had to play it, I looked at the box and it was like it had been bounded to me like blood.
When I got home and started playing it, i felt so gryped, so anguished so euphorycal when i sensed i was making progress, it was so so good, and even nowdays I struggle to find the same felling in some games today, its like they lack the passion of doing it or something like it.
I really love SH 2 and really want to talk about it with someone, I hope yall share the same love I Do

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2 thoughts on “Silent hill 2 a masterpiece”

  1. I think many, including myself, would agree it’s one of if not thr best horror game ever made. The story, characters and genius use of metaphors really make this game stand out amongst its peers.

    One of the best things about it is that each time I go back and play it, I see something new or realize an aspect of the story I didnt know before
    That’s the sign of a great story based game.

  2. I don’t like when people ask me about my most favorite game(s) because I have become a more critic person over the years and because I have left the series after it, but I always answer them that it is Silent Hill 2. I’m not sure if I would feel the same if I played it again today, but back then I replayed it several times over a longer period and it was a very intriguing, memorable albeit fucking scary experience.

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