35 thoughts on “Since we’re sharing inherited chess sets today, here is mine from my Grand Mother!”

  1. The story behind it is my grandmother was staying in china for a few months in the 60’s. She befriended the owner of a shop that sold furniture and nick-knacks. I won’t speculate the nature of their relationship, but they were obviously close. Before she left, there was a fire on the street his shop was located and he lost everything. My grandmother gave him enough money to start up a new shop in another location. Years later she received this as a thank you gift. There was a board, but it was not actually part of the set.

    [Full Gallery](https://imgur.com/a/5tu6n)

  2. So many people underestimate the time that gets put into hand carving/painting etc these set. Truly a work of art. Thanks for sharing

  3. Dude I feel so unworthy just looking at those. That set is so intricate and beautiful, idk if I can get myself to actually play with them lol

  4. Might post my set on here, it is very similar to this and was a gift to my grandmother from her time in korea in the 1950s i believe

  5. This looks to be a unique, artisanal and high quality antique. Not even comparable to that other set posted by the other guy.

  6. That is gorgeous. I have enjoyed all of these chess sets being shown off. I’d love to own a fancy set, but they can be crazy expensive.

  7. Chess sets like these are gorgeous but I absolutely cannot play well with them. I’m used to looking at regular pieces and often miss opportunities for board control, or defending pieces. A friend I beat at my house frequently stomped my ass raw on a Lord of the Rings chess set he owns.

  8. This just made me think – as chess is a game played throughout the world, do other countries have different names for the pieces? Like China or Japan, they would have different names for the classes/positions of some of the pieces in their language i would imagine. Just curious.

  9. Beautiful! I have a stone chessboard that needs a set like this so thank you so much for posting this as now I’m on the hunt for something similar!

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