24 thoughts on “Skyrim – never gets old”

  1. Dang, I was really hoping that it was going to fade out when he was in the sky and when the screen came back into focus he’d be in the wagon. “Oh hey, you’re finally awake…”

  2. Man, I love those fights. I always start of the game with going out to the swamps between Solitude and Morthal and gather canisroot and fungal swamp pods, mix them together into paralysis poisons, and then go out on a giant-crusade for their treasures and bounties. It’s great how the game let’s you solve most situations with creative solutions.

  3. I was playing a resto glitch game for fun but had to switch back to a different character for some trophies. When I got a bounty to kill a giant i uh… Forgot which character I was running. My other character was a dragon God, but this one… This one learned to fly

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