40 thoughts on ““Sly Cooper” one of the best games the 2000’s has ever seen!”

  1. First game was okay, second game was better in pretty much every way, and the third was just more of what the second was but better.

  2. This game and Ape Escape were the first two titles I decided to try and 100%. Sly took me longer mostly because some of those hidden clues were impossible to find. Man did I feel like I had mastered it once I was done though.

  3. I remember being eight years old and playing this game to death, I especially remember turning it off one day then coming back the next and it was completely 100% without my doing, I was extremely confused and had no idea if maybe somebody did it for me, but nobody I knew played it. One of those unsolved mysteries of mine.

  4. After not having played them for years, I finally got the trilogy on PS3 a couple weeks ago. I’d forgotten how much I loved these games, especially the characters.

    This and Ratchet & Clank were my childhood.

  5. Sly Cooper series is such a treasure for me. The first game, while it was fun, it didn’t really stick out among other similar competing games. The second game changed majorly, and wow they knocked it out of the park! The third game, I personally enjoyed equally with #2 (Dr M was incredible). Fourth game was still pretty good except for the main villain, but fell somewhat short compared to 2 & 3.

    All in all, Sly cooper and the gang is such a great series. Definitely give the games a try!

  6. Was going to sell or donate my ps3, but now I maybe go back and play the remastered version of these games. Loved all 3 growing up and beat them 100% on ps3.

  7. I quite enjoyed the games. Sly 2 was by far my favorite. Great levels, strong overarching plot, cool ost that worked great with each level, combat comic effects that made everything pop, and really expanded on the gameplay from the first game.

  8. One of those you definitely had to ignore the reviews on and just develop your own opinion. Also one of my top 20 games of all time.

  9. One of my all time favorite series. Sly 2 was my favorite. I really loved the 4th one too when I got my PS3.

  10. Fun story about this game: I never played it but was one of the few teenagers on my block full of elderly people. One couple next door had a couple grand kids. One was about 4 or 5 years old and they played this game with him. One day I heard a knock on my door and they asked if I would be willing to come over and help them pass a level. Went over there and proceeded to blow their minds for about an hour as I worked my way through the level they were stuck on and others after. The gameplay was super fun, but I was pretty microsoft exclusive at that point. Fin.

  11. 2 was my fav but i think 3 had the most stuff to do and most varying missions.

    The new game, while looked nostalgic and soundscape was that too, it was just really boring. Also the story was extremely “kid friendly” as in they treated players like they were super dumb and had to be talked through every thing that is happening.

  12. 100%

    You know when you hear the sound of nails on a chalkboard it hurts your teeth and makes you cringe? Well, when Sly got (X mission item, whatever it was) and twirled it around on his hook triumphantly, it made that noise. Completely cured me and nails on a chalkboard haven’t bothered me since.

  13. OH I love Sly Cooper!

    I played the absolute shit out of 2 and 3; I’m sure 99% of the time I went to the movie rental place, it was to rent out 2. 1 was fine, but I much preferred the style of the others.

    4? Never heard of it.

  14. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for this series, even with 4 kinda there. The way you climbed and move around things was so smooth and fun and never IMO clunky or messy, how when you snuck up on enemies and the bass song moved with each step, messing around enemy AIs using confusion datrs/attacks, Murray’s jumping ball form, plus each main story being heist focused was always a blast to go through.

    I literally played through Sly 3 10 times as a kid, that game was just so damn fun!

  15. I like the second game better than the first for many reasons. I also heard the third game is good but I haven’t played it due to not having the console for it.

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