Yes I get it you can play the games anywhere, I can do that with Steam right now for free, but all Stadia really is is just another online game retailer no different than Steam/EPIC



With Steam you can stream your games to your TV,Phones,Tablets with Steam Link (I also think you can stream to other PC’s but I’m not 100% sure)

With Nvidia GPUs you can stream your games (up to 4K) both in your network and also out of your network with Moonlight Gaming(Shadowplay Gamestrem)

So both Steam/Nvidia GPU’s do the exact same thing as Stadia, except unlike Stadia they do it for free

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8 thoughts on “So Google Stadia is just another online store (like Steam/EPIC)”

  1. That’s fine with me. I have no issue with coexisting stores as long as they give consumers an actual choice of where they buy their games. Once/If Stadia starts doing forced exclusives that’s when I’ll care.

  2. Stadia is not meant for people already entrenched in the PC gaming or console culture. It is meant for people that have very poor performing PC rigs, or no consoles, to allow them to allegedly experience the games as if they had a high performance PC rig or console already.

    And its more than an online store. It streams the game to you at “4k@60fps.” with no need for a $2k PC or $500 console. You would have to have had a super PC machine to be able to stream at 4k@60fps through Steam Link, or whatever, to your TV.

  3. > Steam/EPIC

    No. It’s very different to them, it’s a streaming service. You better compare it to playstation now or geforce now. Or upcoming xbox streaming service.

  4. This isn’t marketed towards you, and it’s not marketed as just another store. It’s another platform.

  5. It will depend on how many games come for free with the subscription. They kinda made it seem like it’s only a couple, and if that’s the case then it’s simply a worse online store.

    I am potentially interested in using this when I am away from my main gaming machines, 9.99$ seems fine if it has a decent selection of games, but I can’t imagine paying for a game full price on this.

  6. Don’t get the thing for streaming/always online playing that seem to be hyped about. I prefer to play my games whenever I want, without worrying about latency or any other network issues. And I can mod my games if I want to, or edit the save files, etc.

  7. Yes. It’s going to be useful when the new consoles arrive. Instead of spending $300 on a new GPU or console, here it’s only $10.

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