30 thoughts on “So its fine when you do this to monsters, but when they do it to humans its “murder””

  1. The barkeep asked why my party kept our weapons on us in the bar, we said “mimics” the barkeep laughed, the party laughed, the table laughed, we killed the table, it was a good night.

  2. Reminds me of ‘coal the adventuring kobold’ she takes a quest to kill slimes, and becomes friends with one instead having it join her party.

  3. This reminds of the older game Dungeon Keeper. Your job was to manage the dungeon, and kill all the adventurers that came in.

  4. Episode 2: With the level 1 mallcops killed and devoured, the party tries to reach level 2, but with the Stairs of Lazy Escalation disabled by the mad wizard Maal Managa, they are briefly stuck, at least until Slime Warrior finds a pair of Boots of Leaping in Hype DC. He is ambushed by a pack of wandering mallteens, but holds them off with his Blue Tooth of BariManilow until Mimic Thief is able to make his Climb Fake Vines roll and join him. Crystal Wizard foolishly strays into the Store of the Forbidden Fruit and is set upon by a slathering pack of hipsters, who steal his magical garb and replace it with low rise jeans, moccasins and a beige skivvy.

  5. This is a cool concept. Kinda interested in what ‘human’ items would count as treasure for each of ’em though.

  6. In the Destiny franchise this is starting to come up a little bit: Where your character is just a mindless killing machine, and the question is if you are actually the antagonists in the storyline.

  7. I hit CTRL+F and no one else here has yet mentioned it; if you’re interested in the idea of examining D&D campaigns from the perspective of the characters that are typically slaughtered indiscriminately (e.g., the goblins, the orcs), I’d recommend checking out the webcomic, “The Order of the Stick.” Adopting the villains’ perspective isn’t the main schtick, but it is a recurring thing. It’s also a very entertaining webcomic in its own right!

  8. the final boss is the manager and during it’s final phase a karen shows up and kills the manager showing the true final boss known as K.A.R.E.N

  9. Well yeah, that’s the whole point.

    If some other smart species appeared and started trying to kill us we’d have to deal with them or die.

    Us being their monsters is preferable to them being our monsters.

  10. “First I was gonna pop this snarlin’ beast lookin’ dude. Then I realized; he’s not snarlin’, he’s sneezin’. Ain’t no real threat there.”

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