39 thoughts on “So, KFC just announced Colonel Sanders dating simulator”

  1. If it is fake it will likely to be hit with lawsuit. If it is real it will be the best marketing stunt ever only behind convincing japan to think the west eat fry chicken on Christmas.

  2. Jojo inspired characters/poses.. wow. This has to be one of the greatest marketing stunts targeted towards weebs/gamers. Lmao. A+ effort.

  3. Imagine if it actually is real but it turns out to be a doki doki literature club clone with colonel sanders as the new Monika.

  4. Okay this is actually a brilliant marketing move in my opion. take it with a grain of salt since im not in marketing but I think this is innovative way to get advertisements and brand awareness to your target audience.

  5. This is sorta marketing genius. Every youtuber and streamer will play this for the LOLs and KFC just gets nothing but free advertising.

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