31 thoughts on “So… My death stranding collectors edition seems to have a arrived a little early.”

  1. Whoah!!!! Is that because you had special ordering or something? We ordered this too now I’m wondering if we get it early too.

    Mailbox or door?

  2. tape you can’t use because its a collectible item… WHY KOJIMA, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME, YOU KNOW I LOVE TAPPING RANDOM THINGS AROUND

  3. Dude you’re gonna get some weird looks when you invite new people to your house if you have that out on display. To strengthen the weirdness you should definitely name it and refer to it by name always.

  4. What’s the difference between a fetus and a Porsche?

    There’s no Porsche in the Death Stranding Collector’s Edition.

  5. Just put the baby on your dinning room table as a conversation piece.

    “So, uh, lovely weather we’re having.”

    “Why the fuck do you have a dried fetus in a jar”

  6. You should send this pic to Bethesda to show them what a real collectors edition looks like and tell them it arrived on time!

  7. My friend (who works at UPS) asked what you do in Death Stranding:

    -“What do you do in the game?”

    “Oh I think you’re like a delivery guy”.

    -“Fuck that!”

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