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  1. You got a console and suddenly you become an electronics engineer: if it has a screen there’s a way to connect it.

  2. Blue command this is Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha. The red team seems to have a uhh… thingy.

    Edit: uh pretty sure this is my most upvoted post ever so… thanks?

  3. If you’re a great host and games work all night like they’re supposed to, your friends will tell stories when they’re older about how fun it was

  4. Pshhhhh, childs play.

    I was in middle school and our band teacher loved halo, so we decided to form the Halo club. Once a week we would gather in the band hall and our teach would roll in 4 TVs on those carts and we would hook up 4 Xbox’s. It was usually 2 per screen, but sometimes we had enogh people to fill all 4.

    Those were great times.

  5. In highschool there was this guy who kept halo ce on a usb, We would text him whenever we had a free day in computer class. He would then get a bathroom pass, and come to our classroom to let everyone drag and drop it on the desktop. Those were the best of times. I remember one time our teacher made us shut the game down because a guy in our class wouldn’t stop yelling ” WHO THE F*** IS LONGSCHLONG69 ?”

  6. Simmons: Hey.

    Grif: Yeah?

    Simmons: You ever wonder why we’re here?

    Grif: It’s one of life’s great mysteries, isn’t it. Why are we here? I mean, are we the product of… some cosmic coincidence or, is there really a God… watching everything? You know, with a plan for us and stuff. I don’t know man, but it keeps me up at night.

    Simmons: …

    Grif: …

    Simmons: What? I meant why are we out here, in this canyon?

    Grif: Oh, uh… yeah.

    Simmons: What was all that stuff about God?

    Grif: Uh… hm? Nothing.

    Simmons: You wanna talk about it?

    Grif: No

    Simmons: You sure?

    Grif: Yeah.


    *But seriously, Blood Gulch was THE SHIT*. Badass map in a badass game with badass friends. I miss those days too, even though I also spent a lot of time playing Unreal (1) back then.

  7. 5 Years before that people were playing Quake over the internet in 32 and 64 player matches. Eventually as many as 256 players.

  8. One of my best friends lived next door. We had a cable that literally ran between the houses (at the backdoors, down into the basements) and did 4v4 with each team at a different basement.

    Occasionally we’d send an extra friend on a recon mission to sneak to the other basement and either gather intel, or just distract/troll them.

    We didn’t know we were living in ‘the good old days’ at the time.

  9. Remember when you could hook your Xbox up to the computer and use a program to connect to online multiplayer somehow?

  10. I mean you had to plug anything that requires power in. And obviously to display an image on a tv you need a video cable, and to hook two things together you need to hook them together… (lan cable).

    It’s not really rocket science to be honest. The only difference between plugging in one xbox and tv is that there are two here and a lan cable.

  11. “Yeah I know how to connect an Ethernet cord to one Xbox and plug into the other Xbox, I guess you could say I’m a big deal. Don’t feel pressure talking to me, I’m a normal person just like you.”

  12. This entire image is just an overcomplication of it because all you’re doing is “setup 2 consoles and connect them through ethernet”

  13. Crazy what a little motivation will do. This got me into computer networking. I bought a 300 ft. network cable (Maybe it was longer? I remember it was a few cents per foot.) back in 2003, ran it from a 2nd story, across the street, and into my friend’s basement. It got ran over and tore up pretty quick since it was duct tapped to the rode. Then the police came and it was all over.

  14. Anyone here ever so the Xbox tunnelling to play multiplayer online? That shit was bananas.

    We had friends who lived in two houses relatively close, both on the same internet provider with a junction box down the road, 16 players games were the shit.

    Ahh back in the day of having to know the people you played with.

    And then, they had online lobbies you could join.

    Those cats were fucking sharks, punishment after punishment. You quickly realized you had no skill compares to those peeps.

  15. It’s funny that now you can do LAN with an original Xbox game on an OG Xbox, an Xbox 360, and an Xbox One and play with three generations of consoles.


    Xbox has done great things with backwards compatibility

  16. We had two giant CRt TVs, one upstairs, one downstairs. We played Halo so much that we ran an ethernet cable through the venting system so that the TVs were permanently connected. That way we didn’t have to lug in extra TVs!

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