42 thoughts on “Some games made in Dreams early access on the ps4”

  1. This was what project spark was supposed to be. I just think it was released many years too early to take off. Idk how Dreams plays as far as the creation side, but this is exactly what you did in Project Spark.

  2. Many of these definitely look entertaining, but I can’t get over the fact it’s a “I shit my pants, where’s the bathroom” run collection.

  3. Its pretty cool someone made #FE in dreams, that or its a persona/SMT game I haven’t played that does the rainbow people thing in tokyo.

  4. I’m going to go ahead and shill for a streamer named Vinesauce that I really like that has done a lot of these Dreams streams in the past, if you are interested in seeing more about it. They are all up on youtube.

  5. The spider Gwen one looks cool, insomniac sould have dlc for spider Man where we can play as the other spider men/women

  6. Can somebody please tell me what the monkeys around the black mirror/construct is a reference too? I just for the life of me cannot figure it out but it’s at the tip of my tongue…

  7. Shameless Vinny plug but he has done some pretty extensive and hilarious Dreams collection streams.

    [Here’s link to part 2](https://youtu.be/Jl_p7bSV9qc?t=13) (I skipped part 1 because he spends most of that creating and it’s not that exciting.)

    I recommend watching all 12 parts but feel free to skip around to get a good idea what the game can do. Some stuff is straight up fucked up.

    [Example](https://youtu.be/ghk7G1iEVB4?t=4803) of something that’s pretty… how would I say…. **WTF**.

    [Example](https://youtu.be/H0BCjMnZV-M?t=5344) of something pointless but intriguingly weird.

    [Example](https://youtu.be/Jl_p7bSV9qc?t=3483) of something that is actually goddamn amazing (If you can forgive the framerate)

    When you give creative tools such as this to the masses, the possibilities are endless. I can’t wait for the game to come out.

  8. Man, the team that made this really hyped it up. But it’s just a toy, honestly. It has a lot of cool features but there’s too much overall jank or design oversights to actually make really quality stuff.

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