29 thoughts on “Somebody Forgot To Update NBA 2K20’s Taskbar Icon”

  1. Beyond baffling how these games use so much of last year’s assets, but what about your team that you may have spent thousands of dollars to acquire?

  2. > This feels like it should be one of the biggest things you triple check when you release a new version of an annual sports game. Hopefully it will be from here on out. This is just embarrassing.

    Is this the typical Kotaku quality I keep hearing about?

  3. It’s been the same piece of trash they’ve been selling for years.

    It’s the same with Madden. They literally did the same thing just a few weeks ago.

  4. I mean do you guys really expect them to start a new game from scratch? Of course they are re-using assets, game engine, code etc.. and just making tweaks to the gameplay, updating models/stats/rosters etc.. why re-invent the wheel when 90% of the work is already done?

    Of course it is still embarrassing to miss these things in review. But it doesn’t seem as big a deal as people make it out to be.

    Edit: lol keep bringing on the downvotes. This sub is full of immature entitled man babies who don’t understand how business works and think video games are some sort of holy sacred ground where you aren’t allowed to try to make money.

  5. Lol so much for the old joke “what’s the difference between last year and this years game? They changed the number.”

  6. I literally just burst out laughing. How the fuck did this happen to two **separate** development studios in the span of less than a month?!

  7. Use numberless logos on everything but the box, marketing and title screen. You can be lazier without outlets calling you out on it (as much).

  8. People keeping throwing money at these games while the people running EA are laughing at how incredibly stupid their customers are, behind closed doors. It’s really, really sad.

  9. Kotaku really appears to be attempting to do us some favors here as they have many articles out now more or less calling the franchise out on it’s bullcrap and how the game just isn’t any good (I would say no different buuut we all know it’s worse).

  10. It doesn’t matter at all to the people who buy these games, I know that firsthand. They’re typically people who are big on sports that only own an xbox to buy these awful sports games.

  11. There has been lots of evidence pointing to the fact that they copy-paste things from past games, showing that most things (maybe all) may not even be new. Why do people buy 2K? Ive never understood. If you look on steam every 2K game on it had very negative reviews so you’d think people would learn and **not** buy it?

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