8 thoughts on “Sources: Destiny 2 Is Coming To Google Stadia, Getting Cross-Save”

  1. Stoked. Stadia isn’t for everyone, but it is for SOME people. My brother in law and I used to play d2 together but then I moved to PC and he couldn’t come along for reasons. Internet is not an issue, stadia ran perfectly at his house and it did at mine as well. Glad he will have a chance to port his character over and rejoin the clan.

  2. >If Stadia works as promised, players will be able to **load** up a Google **Chrome** browser and jump into Destiny 2 on any computer or device that supports the service.

    What? Thought Chrome Games extensions were ~~Dead~~ long time ago and subscribers would **need** Chrome to load a Stadia game instead of dedicated App/Launcher/Client (whatever you name it) to experience poor-er performance? What was Google thinking making it this way?

    Plus while it’s a good news *supporting* cross-save, Destiny 2 is an **online** game and timing is everything for such games especially playing with others so that whole Gaming Experience of PC Gamers will degrade thanks to few Stadia Gamers joining their game unless they isolate Stadia Gamers into their *own server* so that latency-wise, they’ll be equal.

  3. Yeah, playing a fast paced Shooter with Streaming-Lag …great idea!

    Does Stadia even support 144Hz? Would make not much sense anyways, since your Frametimes will be garbage anyways.

  4. fuck stadia. I left android and closed all my google accounts to get away from the evil octopus, I’ll be damned if I use them for game streaming.

    Anything that is an exclusive there will just be a game that I am not ever playing.

    Not to mention obvious latency issues and that the biggest thing PC has over other formats is high refresh. I sincerely doubt that 1440p+ 100hz+ will work on bandwidth that anyone actually has.

  5. So the game that permanently bans you if you attempt to run on desktop Linux is being ported to Stadia (Linux). hmm.

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