15 thoughts on “South Park warned us…”

  1. What about pre-ordering a game from Supergiant Games?

    They are 3 for 3 with me (Bastion, Transistor, Pyre).

    On an irrelevant note, Their 4th game, Hades, is still in early access, but check out fans saying it was the most complete polished game on Day 1.

  2. This episode aired before the stick of truth released, and after this scene they cut to a commercial for the game lol

  3. People never listen. “My money, my choice!” they say while gagging. These idiots either don’t understand or don’t care that they weaken the collective power of the consumers, but all we can do is vote with our wallets

  4. You know this was a setup to make fun of themselves right? not actually warning us because they were part of the problem. watch the episode it’s good

  5. Honestly never seen the appeal of preordering. Sure, sometimes there are some preorder bonuses but they are usually small cosmetic additions that end up as payable DLC later anyway. But the way I see it, if a game gets enough preorders early enough, what it tells the publishers is that they are getting your money anyway so they can go ahead and cut some content for “preorder” bonuses or DLC later.

  6. Solution? Pre order the day b4 the release. You get the extra skins or what have you and the “deals” but ultimately it’s nothing the company can point to months in advance as pre mature success. Literally have nothing to gain by pre ordering months in advance

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