7 thoughts on “SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest – Release Trailer”

  1. The first two spell force games are so freaking good. Between them and the expansions it might be like 400hrs of content. Hopefully part 3 is just as good

  2. SpellForce 2 was an amazing game with the worst coop implementation they could have put in it.

    Tried it with 2 friends, and it was just not fun to not be able to bring in “their” character.

    No matter how we tried, the coop players just felt like they were not really a part of the game.

    Still a really enjoyable game – now that the bugs are ironed out.

  3. What’s the gameplay like? I know it says rts + rpg but is it like warcraft 3 or something completely different?

  4. I just started this series. Got all the currently released ones on steam cause they were having a sale. Surprising mix of RPG and RTS

  5. I see the regular Spellforce 3 is $50.00 on Steam right now, ahh, seems high to me personally, worth 50? I would only play SP and Skirmish stuff, if available. I suck at RTSs

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