Now that the game’s been out for a while and hype’s gone down I wanted to hear some perspectives on this.

Mechanically the webslinging looked awesome and (from the brief chance I got to play it) certainly felt nice. But the fact that there was absolutely no concern about the need to get a swing just right or to avoid a wall meant I really felt no thrill, compared to what I recall from Spiderman 2.

Now, I couldn’t tell if that was my nostalgia talking, or if everyone else was looking through rose-tinted glasses to just shrug it off, but now that we’re out of the honeymoon phase I wanted to hear from y’all and see if the appeal of that webslinging is still strong.

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12 thoughts on “Spiderman (PS4) – Does the lack of risk or fall damage hinder the fun of web-slinging much?”

  1. The swinging was the only part of that game I enjoyed. The rest of the game’s mechanics and story bored the hell out of me.

  2. The wall crawling didn’t feel good. I felt that other Spider-Man games, including the first amazing Spider-Man did it better. Still enjoyed the game regardless but that bothered me from the start.

  3. I did after awhile get kind of bored of the swinging. You don’t even have to put any real effort into it, even if you do smack into a building he will just run right up it. Could probably aim in the right direction, put something heavy on the right buttons, leave the room and come back near your destination.

    I will say this though, it FEELS very nice.

  4. Nah not at all because there’s enough depth to the web slinging that once you’ve played a little it’s very noticeable when you mess up and your speed drops. That in itself felt like enough of a ‘punishment’ for making mistakes I never really felt the fall damage thing to a be a negative, rather it let’s you jump around uninhibited and free to let loose, there’s enough other things to worry about in game haha. First game to give me prototypish vibes in awhile

    TLDR: yeah, emersion and difficulty are valid points for not liking the idea of fall damage but in this game it just kinda works lol

  5. I’ve never seen a real spider take fall damage, so I just assumed he inherited it from the spider that bit him.

  6. Rose-tinted glasses. Yeah it’s The amazing Spider-Man 2 had really good web swing for its time. There was absolutely nothing to compare it to when it came to momentum movement on its release however we forgot how mediocre the fighting. We could also dissect how terrible the writing was but that was an unfortunate side-effect of the source material as a movie tie in game

  7. the first minute of gameplay throws you directly into web slinging, but it’s so intuitive it doesn’t feel like a tutorial. this is the closest we’ve ever had to realistic web slinging and there’s something therapeutic about it.

  8. The web slinging and combat were awesome.

    My biggest nitpick with the game is that the bosses kind of suck. A couple are memorable, but for the most part they’re all very simple and somewhat anticlimactic battles, particularly the last one.

    That said, it’s still a must buy.

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