38 thoughts on “Spotted a PS3 in The Last of Us”

  1. It looks so out of place. Like its been used regularly due to lack of dust and dirt while the shelf and floor are completely neglected

  2. There’s a PS1 in Otacon’s lab in Metal Gear Solid. It changes to a Game Cube in the GC remake. I don’t remember if it’s still a PS1 or if it updated to a PS3 in MGS4.

  3. Reference point.. what section this in? I know that game up and down. It’s not in Philadelphia in Tou store ( which I think is where it should be at). Again where is this at. I wanna go find it. Thanks. It’s Ellie section so is it in lakeside or cabin?

  4. And no-one is even going to mention that invisibility cloak Ellie is wearing? I don’t recall that being in the game.

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