16 thoughts on “Square Enix Drops Soundtracks For Every Mainline Final Fantasy Game On Spotify And Apple Music”

  1. I’ve been listening to it since the morning!

    Also should point out FFVIII Eyes on me is missing for some reason other than that the collection of music is huge.

  2. They could have at least given us the english names though. Capcom has the same problem with a lot of their stuff too.

  3. It’s a very good news yet not the news a *”PC Gamer”* would have expected. Rather like Square Enix to release their OSTs as **DLCs** for their Final Fantasy games on [Steam](https://store.steampowered.com/publisher/squareenix/list/36611/) instead of relying on need-to-be-Online only *Spotify* to reach mass of players.

    Considering Google **already** has FF OSTs as Extracted *”Offline”* Downloads (guides to do it yourself), the number of users going to use such live-service becomes lesser by preference. Hoping after few years Enix won’t throw a fit on those using `Licenses` to [remove](https://community.spotify.com/t5/Content-Questions/WHY-do-you-keep-removing-songs/td-p/692706) them.

  4. Unfortunately on neither service audio can be downloaded directly (as from Deezer, Youtube and Bandcamp from instance). You can only record I think due to DRM.

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