22 thoughts on “Starbase – Announcement Trailer”

  1. I’m such a sucker for space exploration games. I know I should wait and see what it’s like but it’ll probably be an instant buy for me.

  2. Looks great but you will likely never see gameplay as featured in this trailer, western players are like herding cats. I foresee a bunch of kamikaze trolling

  3. The first 20 seconds of the trailer are both impressive and exhausting in a way. Thinking about how complex a large ship or station could get, and then what happens if some of those programming blocks get destroyed, how long might it take to debug something.

    Seeing the robots mining that asteroid by hand and the POV gave me flashbacks to the 1000 hours of my life I wasted in Ark mostly looking at trees as I chopped them down. Hopefully building ships to do that task isn’t too hard 🙂

    This looks great honestly, like another Space Engineers, but I fear it’s also one of those things where there’s massive possibilities but what it boils down to is you making a 3×2 block space ship with a seat and an engine because it’s less of a target or whatever. You know typical survival game stuff.

    I’m curious how the MMO aspect will work. Definitely adding it to the wishlist and keeping an eye on their updates.

  4. An Announcement trailer for an early access game…. What? Really…. This looks fun but god damn how many early access games have not been finished and or abandoned? Yea looks good, but have an announcement when it released. This is like an trailer for the trailer of the release date. How pointless.

  5. This looks awesome. Especially if it’ll make for a good solo/co-op experience. If pvp is the main focus, it’ll need a community to keep it alive which is a bit harder to pull off.

  6. This is either going to be bloody amazing or a complete buggy clusterfuck. I’m hopeful for amazing though… very very cool.

  7. Looks very good, but also, to anyone who is into this type of thing, I would STRONGLY suggest checking out “Empyrion – Galactic Survival”


    Its extremely similar by the looks of it, with inter-planetary and multi-system space travel, resource gathering, PvE, PvP, structure and spaceship construction etc.

    It really is a fantastic game especially if you play coop with some friends

  8. Looks pretty good, it has some heavy space engineers vibes though (which isn’t entirely a bad thing to be honest).

  9. They want you to build your own ship from scratch I hear… If they have a bounty system to report and hunt penis ships… Mercenary work could be lucrative.

  10. On the one hand there is a cliche of the whole online-survival games: “The nakeds mine sulfur”

    On the other hand I love the design and concept- it’s like Space Engineers given a little extra push into the online aspect my opinion with the programming aspect makes it that much more jucy.

    Plus I love the robot designs. Wishlisted.

  11. Nice! The Minecraft Space Mod got its own game!

    Jokes aside, this game looks really good, but remember, No Preorders

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