8 thoughts on “Starbase – Spaceships Feature Video”

  1. man i wish i was good at these type of games, i get started and i get overwhelm and confused immediately.

  2. I will be shocked if they manage to make space combat work without lag.

    So far every game that has tried to do this failed due to lag.

    Empyrion, Worlds Adrift, Interstellar Rift.

    Edit: I mean – imagine how this would work in MP:

    It’s amazing – I love it, I wan’t it – but I can’t imagine the lag.

    Hit detection, collision detection and sync was always really really hard. It’s part of what killed Worlds Adrift and they were somewhat less ambitious and thought they had it figured out by using the central cloud server to also be the physics engine and thus keep players on the same page.

    Dual Universe is trying to make it work – but they intend for combat to be EVE Online style with basically “Select target, roll the dice” style deal…

  3. How are the servers handled?
    Group size?

    Is this an open world MMO or just little 32-player servers like Sea of Thieves?

  4. Kind looks like they took space engineers and improved upon it. I’ll have to check it out whenever it’s out of early access.

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