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  1. Is there a way we can purchase this as wall art? Preferably from the artist themselves?

    EDIT: I’ve received a little less than 10 push notifications re: replies to this comment that include links to the Deviant Art, but whenever I try to find them/access them, they’re gone. I have no idea what’s going on, but reddit is letting me down tonight.

    EDIT: I suspect the many replies I’ve been getting are being deleted, but one suggested using a certain search engine to look for pages that contain this image. In the results, if you see a Deviant Art page, that’s the one. I might have just put this comment on the chopping block for calling attention to something this sub wants to hide, so I just want to thank you all for the upvotes. I hope to see you on the other side of the chopping block.

    EDIT: The links are being auto-removed because the sub suspects spam. I was being too dramatic. Lesson learned!

  2. I’d say it’s missing High Charity but, judging by the size of the Keyship on here, it’d be bigger than the entire picture.

  3. When you look at the biggest ships on there, there’s a few contenders.

    Until you realize that the Gloriana-Class Chapter Flagship from 40K is in the top 3, and there’s supposed to be one for each of the 20(!) founding Space Marine chapters.

  4. Love this image.

    Not very mobile though. 🙂 Going bug-eyed trying to find any Elite Dangerous ships. The megaships and battlecruisers should be big enough to feature.

  5. Gotta wonder about the big Dune heighliners, seems pretty hard to build something that size without the kinds of technology that the Butlerian Jihad destroyed.

  6. Fun blast from the past to see Space: Above and Beyond there.

    That series sticks out in my mind as something which was fun at the time and then disappeared into obscurity. Nobody else seems to remember it 😊

  7. So many ships whose origins I have no clue about, yet look so damn interesting.

    Any good sci-fi TV shows in that mess I can check out that aren’t Star Trek or Babylon 5?

  8. I super appreciate that Homeworld is included in this. A not very well known one, but a classic dear to my heart.

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