25 thoughts on “Stop looking at my screen bro! BRO!”

  1. This game murdered friendships in an afternoon. I still have a working N64 and Goldeneye. I pull it out for game nights every now and then.

  2. Apparently my town was a minority culture, because that was just part of the game where I grew up. Great way to make sure nobody’s camping, pick up new strategies, etc.

  3. Slappers only, or throwing knives only. + license to kill!

    So many fantastic memories of frantic knife and slap battles… I miss those days

  4. “I’m not looking at your screen!” – totally looking at your screen because it’s a 27” TV.

  5. rofl oh man. Goldeneye is such a great game. Me and my bros used to play this on a 19″ TV; so many good memories, especially with the remote mines haha.

  6. What?! You dont have evidences! I wasn’t but if you know that I was there you were looking at my screen! Cheater!

  7. Me and my friends used to take cardboard, cut it and make a screen protector, so that way there was no screen picking…..didn’t work out so well

  8. Damn, this hits home. On a run today I was thinking about how 22 years ago this is what my pals and I were doing.


    I’d put my guy towards a wall to throw off the screen lookers.

    Oddjob? Pfff. Just rush him and when you’re next to him you get a headshot. Child’s play. My old ass could still take anybody in this game. Loved it. So non-linear in single-player, too.

  9. My bastard friends used to put Proximity mines on every single door at Facility map so most of time we had to stay on the spawned spot lol. i miss those days

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