37 thoughts on “Stop! You violated the law”

  1. inigo is such a well made follower with deep backstory and a huge armoury of funny lines while roaming and even a couple of quest. easly the best followers mod imo

  2. How do you know a dragon has been in your garden? Your livestock is dead and your house is on fire…it is no laughing matter.

    Best line imo

  3. Inigo is one of my favorite follower mods for when I’m not planning on creating a lesbian harem of sexy followers. \o/


    Seriously though, he’s probably the best follower mod out there, and he has so many freaking lines it’s unbelievable,

  4. While reading this there was a commercial on TV saying bike lanes will change from solid to dashed lines. Coincidence… I THINK NOT!

  5. I love how nobody had to mention that this is a mod. We just all had a blast with Inigo at one time or another.

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