29 thoughts on “Summer sales are coming”

  1. Steam sales are shit sometimes though. All the indie games go on sale for half price or less and the ones you actually want to buy are 10% off

  2. There’s almost always a sale going on, and on multiple sites. Personally I tend to check GoG and Humble Bundle before Steam’s sales.

  3. PSA: stream summer sales haven’t been good in years. You can find better deals using places like cheap shark

  4. I barely play my PC to play games anymore but when steam sales hit im buying everything that I’m never getting around to play

  5. 85% off, WOOOOW



    *on a game i don’t give 2 shits about*

    seriously, feels like there is no game out there, even though steam is full of games

  6. I used to get so hyped for Steam Sales but now just feels like the same rotation of mediocre games. Doesn’t feel like Christmas again.

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