12 thoughts on “Super Duper Graphics Pack Ceasing Development”

  1. Is this the one that looks like shaders? Cos ppz could just use shaders… unless this is for bedrock version, where it doesn’t seem to be mod-friendly.

  2. should’ve focused on it being PC and next gen only. Trying to implement a new graphics engine on an XBO or even Switch leaves almost no headroom.

  3. I really do not like the reason given.

    Couldn’t those platforms just….Not use the pack since it is too intensive.

    I don’t see why you should hold back on adding a pack just because people with low spec hardware cant use it. Future proofing can never go wrong, it is not like the graphics are forced upon the game, it is just a shader+texture pack.

    We shouldnt add high resolution textures because people with 6 year old phones cant run it!

    What reason is there to even use bedrock Minecraft anymore aside from cross platform support? High quality shaders+ vastly superior performance to java would have really won it over, but now I see no reason to even bother. On top of this they botched redstone really bad by fixing bugs that were essentially features to the community, then not even bothering to add a gamerule or option to change it.

  4. Unfortunate, I was hoping the release date would be announced next month at MineCon. They hadn’t said anything about it for a long time and one of their developers was making some obnoxious statements on Twitter saying

    >Seems like just a super vocal small group of people…It’s not one of the top voted things. So we are going to prioritize other stuff over it.

  5. I mean since when they announced it they could have rewritten the entire game 10 times over….
    I love Minecraft but it’s so poorly optimized…

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