29 thoughts on “Surgery won’t stop me from gaming”

  1. Not sure if this counts as advertising, but if you want a free cape for Java edition there’s a mod on [minecraftcapes.co.uk](https://minecraftcapes.co.uk) that allows you to make custom ones.

    (Full Transparency, I used to be friends with the guy who runs both the mod and server. Don’t think he remembers me though).

  2. This was exactly how I looked when I was doing chemo. I’d bring a laptop and mouse, and sit in the big comfy chair and play D2 for hours.

  3. I thought this was fortnite for a sec but it’s minecraft so you have my support as an epic gamer who just got his kidney removed

  4. This is literally only getting upvoted because he is playing Minecraft , if he was playing fortnite he would get bullied harassed so hard

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