31 thoughts on “Switch dock with compatible GameCube controller”

  1. Replacement thumb sticks are super cheap OP and easy to replace. You should look into it and keep your controller looking nice 🙂

  2. Either the Switch is murdering that GameCube by cutting it in half, or that GameCube is eating up the Switch

  3. Honestly, I want to see someone make a SNES base and the switch is the “cartridge” you slot in. Has to be without the joycons though.

  4. “Hey guys, I bought this gamecube at a garage sale but something was rattling so I opened it up and it had a Nintendo Switch inside!”

  5. looks cool, but i like my dock the way it is. why trade ur slim original dock for this bulky cube.


    also that poor gc controlly wtf

  6. As a Houston resident I need to put this system in my car and get a 5% tint so you cant see up in my windows

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